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Der HTC Vive Controller kann mithilfe der Modellnummer: 2PR7100, identifiziert weden. Es ist die erste Generation der Motion-Controller, welche am 5. April2016 von HTC als Teil des Vive Virtual Reality Sets, veröffentlicht wurde.

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One vive controller will not pair with the headset

One of my vive controllers has stopped pairing with the headset. The other one still pairs. What component is responsible for the communication (daughterboard perhaps)?

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I have the same problem. My controller just stopped tracking out of nowhere during a play session. I tried to repair it by opening it but the two cables that are the usual suspect appeared fine. I still disconnected them and reconnected them with no success. Not sure what I could try next. Anyone has an idea ?


Good to mention the two cables that your are referring to, or include a link to them. Others have a simular issue.


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Try to reboot the controller by getting it totally out of power. (let the joystick few days maybe out of charge + press all the buttons together) then plug in the controller to C-type data cable to the same PC where the Vive headset is connected. then Press all buttons including the trigger for few seconds( you may need to unplug and plug again and repeat the process few times. Then wait until it get some charge and try to pair it after that .

Good luck ))

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The part that is responsible for communication is a combination between the trackpad and the mainboard. If the mainboard doesnt recieve a response from the trackpad then it will not sync and the cable is a common failure point.

So if your controller won't pair you may notice that the blue light blinks slower. If this is the case then you should replace the ribbon cable on the trackpad (requires soldering the 2 pads on the haptic motor) or replace the trackpad assembly.

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