Sony BRAVIA KDL32WD751 stuck on one channel, no interaction

TV was working well, no problems. I had unplugged tv from mains when away for a couple of days, on my return the TV came on, so picture is fine, but, no volume and it will not respond to either the remote, not does it respond to the on /off button on back of tv.

So I cannot switch channel, switch off, turn up/on volume. I can initially, by pressing the 'guide button on remote, get the Guide screen but nothing after that. To switch off i have to disconnect at plug, when I plug in again it starts up, SONY screen and then the default channel (BBC2) but no audio or interaction. When I press the remote the TV light at bottom of TV it does flicker so I am sure the remote is working, I bought a Sony replacement and that has exactly same result. So I am pretty sure the problem is with the TV itself.

There is a message on screen when it first starts up 'Idle TV standby enabled The TV will automatically turn off if left idle for the set period of time" I did not set any period of time for this and when I googled it mentioned an I am wondering if my TV was trying to upgrade and then got stuck in this muted static state!! Hope someone can help

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