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Das LG V30 wurde im September 2017 veröffentlicht. Es wiegt 158 g und verfügt über ein 6 Zoll Display, eine 16MP Rückkamera und eine 5MP Frontkamera. Das Gehäuse wurde mit Corning Gorilla Glass 5 konzipiert.

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Can I reseal the back of my water proof phone?

I have an lg v30. And ive noticed the back is loose by the corners. Does this mean its not water proof anymore? And is there a way I can get it to reseal completely again to make it waterproof? What will I have to buy?

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Can you reseal it for waterproof protection, no. Typically, once a device is damaged or opened you lose the waterproof with the manufacturer seal. You can purchase a new adhesive that was made for that device, if available, and reseal the device yourself. Just keep in mind that it may not be completely waterproof, but the seal will help prevent liquid from coming it.

Check the model of your device, I believe this should match your model. Adhesive seal

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@juax Thank you providing a good answer!


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I have an LG V30 and got a mobile protection plan, if you purchased one you could possibility send it in and get it replaced for a tenth of what it cost to buy a new one. That would be the best bet to guarantee a true water proof seal.

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