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Micro SD storage cards manufactured by Samsung Group.

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I cant format my Micro SD card

I bought a 64GB SD card off of Wish.Com, It was working fine when I got it.

I then I tried to make it my main storage on my phone and thats when things went downhill!

It says Its corrupted on my phone and on my PC. It says its write protected, I’ve tried everything from formatting it to using cmd.

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not format

my sd card for mobail


It was working very good and a put it on another android mobile on the time I returned it on the Samsung it wont work


Hola buenas noches

Si pero de mi aparece la micro SD solo que me dice que formateé la micro SD en el otro teléfono, computadora.

No sé cómo pasó pero parece que fue por sacar y meter en algúnos dispositivos como otros teléfono, y parlante lo mismo me pasó con los otros micro SD.

Que más puedo hacer para recuperar todo lo archivos, me dijieron una persona puedo recuperar los archivos, videos y todos uniendo unos cables a la micro SD será verdad.

Porfavor como recupero todo



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An SD card from Wish, you say? There's a good chance that it's a fake, often made with rejected nand from an actual product line, or simply a faked firmware so that it shows as a higher capacity. Chances are, it's not worth your effort and you'd be better off buying a new card from a reputable supplier.

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Its been at least five years since I bought this card, but I can agree with you after watching countless videos of people buying sd cards from wish.com, most of them seem to be fake.


@mattpin Yeah, wouldn't trust any of my data on one of those, much rather amazon or ebay, but even some of those are fakes these days!


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Hola , te tienes que descargar este programa del siguente link : SD Memory Card Formatter

Una vez lo instales conecta la micro sd al ordenador selecciona en el programa que unidad es y la formateas la Micro SD , te volvera a funcionar pero perderas todos los datos :)

Hello, you have to download this program from the following link: SD Memory Card Formatter

Once you install it, connect the micro SD to the computer, select it in the program and format the Micro SD, it will work again but you will lose all the data :)

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I have already used that,It doesn't work :/


Si has realizado el procedimiento y no te funciona puede que la micro sd este rota , sorry :/


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