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Das LG V30 wurde im September 2017 veröffentlicht. Es wiegt 158 g und verfügt über ein 6 Zoll Display, eine 16MP Rückkamera und eine 5MP Frontkamera. Das Gehäuse wurde mit Corning Gorilla Glass 5 konzipiert.

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Options for heating up back panel

I dont have a heat gun thing people use to liquefy the adhesive though the back glass panel, are any alternatives that i can use, and no one has made a list of ways to open up a back panel.

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Best way by far is to use heat to loosen the adhesive. A heat gun is going to be the best way to go however if you have a good hair dryer you might be able to get it hot enough to melt the adhesive. In the video they use a suction cup to lift the back glass up. Personally, I like to use pry tools to get under the glass just enough to get a guitar pick under then use that to cut all the adhesive. Take your time and make sure the back stays hot.

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S.G Halo you will need either a heat gun or a good hair dryer to remove the cover LG V30 Rückabdeckung ersetzen If you do not have one, consider borrowing one from friends or purchase an inexpensive heat gun. without it you just can’t get it done properly. A good repair requires some good tools.

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