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Device repair and troubleshooting for the Dell Inspiron 15 inch laptop computer with model number 3567.

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Which wifi cards are compatible with this machine?

My machine cannot get high-speed internet, likely because of the wifi card it came with: Qualcomm QCA9565 802.11b/g/n, it only supports 2.4Ghz. I’d like to upgrade to a 802.11ac but I want to make sure I buy the right card. Any recommendations? Everything I see online says I have 2 antennas.

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Hi @ooooooookate ,

Here’s a link that may be of some help. Although the information regarding divers being available from Dell is not correct anymore. If you go with this you may have to let Windows “find” the most up to date drivers after it is installed.

Here’s a link to the service manual for the laptop, taken from this webpage. Scroll to p.45 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove / replace the wireless card.

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Hi @ooooooookate ,

I would opt for the Intel 8265.

It is unfortunate that there may be a problem with the Intel 9260 as this is a later model and also has BT Ver 5 making it more future proof, which the others don't (they only have BT Ver 4.1) but it doesn't have Intel v/pro support which "may" be a desirable feature for you to have one day in the future, but then again maybe not, you may not need or want to use it (the 8265 does support it) BUT the main drawback is that it was designed to work with Intel 8th Gen CPU and up and your PC is Intel 7th Gen CPU so it may not work. It might but there is a risk if you buy it that it might not or it may have problems if it does. Don't know this for sure as it may be perfectly OK just pointing it out to you.

Other that these observations except for the Intel 9260 they are all very much the same.

The other two that I haven't mentioned were designed and released (2014) before the 8265 (2016) and the 9260 (2017) but that shouldn't make any difference in performance as they were designed to work to the same set of specifications for WiFi and BT in place at the time.

It may come down to the price.

Hopefully this may be of some help.



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