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Angekündigt am 22. Oktober und erschienen am 13. November 2013. Das iPad mini 2 bringt die Pixelanzahl des iPad Air auf nur 7,9 Zoll unter.

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Ipad acting weird after screen replacement

Last night, my family and I decided to replace the screen on my ipad mini 2. Everything seemed to have went quite well, although we did loose one screw from the little panel (covering access to unplug battery) and kept out a small magnet. After doing some research we figured that it would be okay without it, but now I’m not so sure. A little while after it was fixed, I went to go turn it on and it would show the apple logo and then turn off. I read that we needed to unplug the battery and plug it back in (which we had not done) so we went and did that (we left the battery unplugged for 10 minutes before plugging it back). After doing so, nothing seemed to change. I then put my ipad in recovery mode and plugged it in to my computer to restore it (I read that that had helped others)…and yet it still didn’t help. I left my Ipad charging overnight and returned to it in the morning (It turned on!!!) While setting it up again (because I restored it) I noticed that there was light bleeding through all across the bottom of the screen. I unplugged it to show my dad and the ipad turned off (about 10 seconds later). I fell like I am back at the beginning. The apple logo continues to show up and then go away when turned on. We did find the screw though. PLEASE HELP

Update (04/19/2020)

UPDATE: We went back in and added in the screw, made sure that they were all in the right places but it didn’t really seem to make a difference. After another restore and a full night of charging, I managed to turn the screen on , but as I got to the home screen (after setting it up) I tried to turn up the brightness and it shut off again. We must’ve hit something on the logic board the first time…anyway if you know of anything that could help that would be greatly appreciated. We are still getting backlight bleeding all across the bottom by the home screen…

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Did you use anything to protect the device from static shock? Did you unplug the battery as soon as you got the metal heat off (metal panel with many screws between LCD and logic board)?

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No, we didn't but we figure it wouldn't have gotten static shock based on the place we were fixing it. Also, we forgot to unplug the battery right away the first time...


The tutorial we decided to follow wasn't the best, and we should have done a lot more research before diving in.


I just hope we can figure out what went wrong and how to fix it (if possible), we all love to learn more.


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