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The HP Pavilion 14-v062us notebook was released in June 2014 and is part of the Pavilion 14-v000 series made by Hewitt-Packard (HP). It is a laptop with a 14” touchscreen and keyboard.

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Screws won't fit back into the chassis!

I have all the screws that I took out in order to replace the storage - however, I am unable to put them back in. What do I do? Should I order a screw kit off Amazon and do trial and error or abandon the laptop entirely since the holes that the screws go in could be damaged?

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Hi @waxtrax ,

You don’t abandon an entire laptop because of some screws.

I realize that you removed the screws in order so they should all go back into where they originally came from

Have you visually inspected all the screw mounts (and the screws) with a strong light and a magnifying glass to check if they’re stripped or damaged?

Don’t know the laptop so are all the screws the same size i.e. diameter, length etc?

If not, use a thin wire to measure the depth of each the screw mounts and compare that to each screw to see if you can match them together,at least by length anyway.

If using new screws doesn’t solve the problem you may have to screw them in as far as possible after coating them (or the screwhole) with a small dab of Loctite or a similar product to hold them in place. Most hardware stores carry this type of product

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