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This will link you to the troubleshooting page we created earlier for this device.

Background and Identification

The HP Pavilion 14-v062us laptop/notebook with HP Protect Smart was part of the Pavilion-14 v000 series released in June 2014. This laptop is known for its touchscreen, touchpad, front facing camera, and integrated Beats stereo speakers as well as multiple ports such as two USB ports, HDMI port and the network and audio jacks. There was a recent recall for the AC power cord (LS-15 adapter in particular) as well as the battery due to extreme overheating; therefore, the battery was classified as an extreme fire hazard. The battery caused fires, burns, and didn’t follow new government regulations, which is why they recalled it. This laptop is almost identical to others in its series.

Additional Information

In this section you will find a few helpful resources to some of the best information online for this device.

Product Information by HP

Maintenance and Service Guide by HP

HP Pavilion Wikipedia Page

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