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The Sony Bravia KLV-46X200A is a flatscreen TV in Sony's Bravia series.

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Sony Bravia tv, power light and remote failing.

My sony Bravia started off with a issue where the tv would turn off by itself and I would noticed 6 red light flashing. I called a tech and he said that the power supply was good and the panels were gone and it's best to replace the tv. Fast forward a day later, I turned the TV on using the power button on the tv and it came back to life. However I don't see the green power light anymore, even the remote is not responding. I now have to manually change channels or adjust volume directly on the tv panel. What has caused the power light and remote failure???

Also how do I get into the settings on the tv without the remote? Please help.

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A 6 blink error code is Speaker Applied Voltage Trouble

Here’s a link to the TV service manual that may help (see Chosen Solution for the link)

I need SONY BRAVIA KLV 46X200A training manual

To access the menus try using the Menu button on the side of the TV and navigate through the menus by using the Program Up/Down and Volume Up/Down buttons also on the side of the TV (see p.15 of the owner manual - see link above)

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Hasn't your model got a Menu button on the TV?

What is your model number?

KDE models are usually plasma TVs so sorry I can't help as I don't know about plasma TVs, I only know about LED TV


Hi jayeff, my sony Bravia is a KDE version. I couldn't find it on the list so I choose the above model. My main question is why has the remote stopped working?? Is there something that is causing this?? I can only use volume and change channels on the tv panel, but how do I get into the settings?


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