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Service and repair guides for DJI drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), manufactured by Shenzhen DJI Sciences and Technologies Ltd.

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Aircraft bound to another account….


I purchased a Mavic Air 2S from EBay but I’m getting an error on the DJI Fly app that says

“Aircraft bound to another account. Change account and try again.”

I tried to reach the seller and no response. Is it possible to “unbind” the Air 2S from the previous owners DJI account?

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hey mirsad, were you able to unbound your drone? I'm facing same issue.


I bought a Maverick pro from a third party and it's linked to an account and I cannot find them now so can I unlink it from the account


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Thank you so much! I was thinking about getting an Air 2s used as well, but now I’m having second thoughts… Have you tried contacting Dji? They might have a way to reset the firmware which might reset the internal storage, but might also unbind the account.

Edit: I think I found something, but this firmware might require you to log in as well.


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Guys please don't update your drones because dji account removal is not for free also it can't be done on latest firmware so if you have latest firmware must to downgrade and this is not free too.

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Can u contact me mate


i am looking at a DJI mini 3 pro which is bound to another account. sold via auction site. is it possible to change a mother board or unlock this so it can be used with its original remote richardf1969atgmail.com


Can you help me to unbound mini 3 pro? I need your help. How I contact you?


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