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The Sony Cybershot DSC-W80 is a small, compact, digital camera with a 7.9 megapixel sensor and 3x zoom. This specific camera was released in 2007 and can be identified by its model number: DSC-W80.

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Sony Cyberhot DSC-HX9V Auslöser wechseln

Mein Auslöser funktioniert nur, wenn ich ziemlich fest drücke. Gibt's da eine Lösung für? Oder muss ich den wechseln? Wenn ja, wie?

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Hallo! Ich habe deine Mailadresse aus deiner Frage entfernt. Wir wollen hier die Antworten auch für Leute sammeln, die vielleicht das gleiche Problem haben. Und wir wollen dich vor Spam schützen. ;)


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v4led It is possible that this is caused by the plastic cap that engages the switch or the switch itself. You would have to disassemble your camera to take a look at it. If it is the switch you will be looking at replacing the RL-109 board I am not sure how you guys manage repair documents on "this side of the pond" but you could get the level 2 (disassembly manual) and the level 3 (Schematic and Wiring) manuals from here Just scroll to the bottom of the page.

v4led Es ist möglich, dass dies durch die Plastikkappe verursacht wird, oder den Schalter selbst. Du musst Deine Kamera zerlegen, um einen Blick darauf zu werfen. Wenn es der Schalter ist, dann musst Du die RL-109-Platine ersetzen. Ich bin mir nicht sicher, wie Ihr Reparaturdokumente auf "dieser Seite des Teichs" verwalten, aber Du kannst die Level 2 (Demontageanleitung) und die Level 3 ( Schaltplan und Verdrahtung) Handbücher von hier bekommen. Die sind am Ende der Seite.

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@z_city 6 weeks for an answer? You guys are taking your time over here :-) I thought you all would be hopping and fixing things like crazy :-)


@oldturkey03 Only with topics I am familiar with ;-)

When I have no clue or no idea where to find a solution I stay humbly silent :-)


@z_city I agree. I am surprised that there are not more users answering. I guess this side of the forum is not yet well visited.


@oldturkey03 Same for me... i stumbled over iFixit a couple of years ago. And it is sooooooo good to have it! I suppose "the Germans" (I know that this is a stereotype! Still funny because I am a German myself, and some stereotypes are not so far away...) prefer to buy new, instead of fixing things. Or they do not have the courage to just give it a try. Good for me - bad for the forums. I do my very best to do the nightwatch, while you are sleeping over the pond :D


@z_city things have definitely changed a lot. As a "former" German myself I remember having grown up needing to fix everything since we couldn't afford new. It was much more economical to fix then to buy new. I guess consumerism has caught on in Germany as well.


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