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A redesigned Pathfinder went on sale in late October 2012 as a 2013 model. Just like the second generation Pathfinder, it once again moved away from a body-on-frame, truck-based SUV and adopted a unibody design.

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Passenger door handle cord snapped

Does anyone know how to replace the cable for the passenger door so that I can open it from the inside again it appears like a cable is snapped and I don’t really know how to get in there and replace it myself

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This is a relatively common issue on the forth gen Pathfinder, it's less likely that the cable snapped and more likely that it disconnected from the handle, the point of failure is a C shaped bracket on the interior of the door handle, if that is in fact the issue, the handle assembly will need to be replaced (they're relatively cheap, thankfully).

The process of actually getting to it is slightly more involved.

This is the most accurate video I've seen (some don't show the cable at all) https://youtu.be/B19u9ADWFdw

As a sidenote, it can technically be done without disconecting the control panel, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Hope this helps!


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