No power to fuel pump.

Hello I have a 98 Accord DX all manual everything. The car was experiencing issues where it was turning off randomly the last time that happened it never turned back over. I did have to complete the battery in order to keep my phone charged while waiting on the tow truck that took about 9 hours. Sometime within that window of me waiting I put the car into security mode not sure how. But I have done some troubleshooting myself and when I figured out is that the main relay is receiving power but is not sending it out. I have the fuel pump in which I believe to be the reason for some of this issue but I cannot get the green light with the key blinking to turn off I don't even know fully how to make sure that it's not insecurity mode anymore cuz I called the locksmith out here and after 4 hours of him messing with my stuff and I was going to have him reprogram my key you told me my key was not bad you left I fixed some wiring issues that must have been from a previous owner that the locksmith was helping me with it back in the steering wheel the car started with a jump disconnected the jumper cables turned it over again it clicked as if the starter was going maybe twice and then turned right over I was afraid to turn it off because I had been working day and night to try to get this thing back on the road. So I let the car run for about an hour hour and a half hoping that that would change something but then I turned it off and I have not been able to start it again and that was 2 weeks ago. I can't find it for sure way of how to reset the immobilizer or whatever to get the green key to stop blinking because this is the key that came with the car and it's worked the whole time I've had it but now it doesn't supposedly I guess I don't know I'm lost on what to do I'm tired of wasting my time and my money.

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