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Laptop computer repair and troubleshooting for HP Envy 17 inch laptops.

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HP17-cr0013dx Screen

Can you replace the screen on a HP17-cr0013dx?

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If I'm taking your question at face value, then no, we can't. iFixit does not do repairs; rather they are a resource for people who want to do their own repairs.

So in that spirit if you wanted to replace your screen yourself, download the HP Maintenance and Service guide for your laptop here.

Maintenance and Service Guide

That guide has complete instructions for removing and disassembling the display to replace parts like the LCD or front glass.

So the short answer is no, iFixit can't replace your screen but you can.

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I should have phrased the question better.

I realize ifixit doesn't do repairs.

I was wondering if the screen could be repaired at all as I am having issues finding a replacement screen.

Thank you for your response and I will look at the maintenance and service guide.


@jrrpd34 I've found the best way to find a replacement is to open the laptop up and look on the back of the LCD; the LCD's manufacturer and model number should be on there somewhere and you can search for a replacement based on that. You may even run into a situation like I did where the same screen was used by multiple manufacturers so that increased the number of screens that you could use.


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