How to disassemble gimbal house for stabilizers leg replacement?


I've recently flew my drone during a bad weather (strong winds) and unfortunatelly, one of these wind bursts threw it into a three and it fell almost 10m, in the grass, which is great, but even though, the stabilizer broke a leg and lost 2 rubbers.

I've ordered the replacement parts, as they arrive, following a disassembly guide here from Ifixit, I've managed to remove the gimbal housing, but I'm not sure how to proceed with it.

There's some sort of electronic roller on a axis that I'm not sure if I can open.

Block Image

Looking through the side, there seems to be some copper wires inside

Block Image

Here's another view from the housing

Block Image

Replacement Part

Block Image

Does anyone know how to disassemble this part so it can be replaced?

The most complete video skips this part and goes straight to the gimbal camera.

Thank you for any assistance !

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