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Die vierte Generation der kabellosen Tastatur von Apple. Herausgegeben im Oktober 2015. Modell A1644.

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Magic keyboard UP key broken

Hi, I have this keyboard. The UP key stopped working. I took of the keycap and the switch and also the small rubber dome. It's still not working. I can see some discoloration under it, like if it was burned.

Do you know what could it be? No matter what I do with a screwdriver it doesn't work. The DOWN key works when I slightly press it.

Is there any chance of fixing it, or I better keep it as a keycap donor for identical keyboards?

Block Image

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Doesn’t look good here😠

The metal clip is bent and it does look like there was a short (burnt part) did you try lifting the keycap a bit to aggressively here?

Apple treats keyboards and other input devices as throwaway as such they don’t offer parts and the construction is not conducive for repairability. Even still there are parts houses which do carry some parts in the UK there is a good one TheBookYard if you are on that side of the pond give them a try.

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Sure, I opened it too strong, but this keyboard was broken for a year or so, it was just in my drawer. I was just very interested in what could have happened to that UP key.

But how is this supposed to work? I mean when I press the rubber dome on the DOWN key, it works. What is touching what? All I see is a metal and a transparent foil on top.


@zsoltero - Magic!

The rubber dome has a carbon disk which shorts across the two pads completing the circuit which in turn is converted into a signal the systems logic can interpret as that keys action.


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