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My name is Hannah Shields. I am a twenty-one year old English Education student. As an education major, I really love providing students and children with knowledge and providing them with the tools to navigate the world around them. I am incredibly passionate about reading and writing, often utilizing writing as a form of expression of my thoughts. I truly love working with others and really benefit from engaging in various forms of teamwork to accomplish a task. Overall, I really enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishment in all tasks and am fueled by success. I think my team and I will truly contribute to iFixit and provide significant traction within the realm of technology.

My skills include my ability to work extremely well collaboratively and to work within adversity. I have not had the opportunity for many building projects, but look forward to creating within this project. I would really like to learn how to fix technology as I think troubleshooting is an important learned skill.

I have previously belonged to Idaho State University’s Women soccer team. This organization was critical in fostering my skill in teamwork and overcoming adversity.

In my spare time, my hobbies include working out, going on hikes, and adventuring the most that I possibly can.

This projects relates to me as it serves as a tremendous way to sharpen my technological and technical writing skills. I am not well versed in professional writing and the realms that exist within the subject, so I think this project is a wonderful way to explore alternative avenues in projects that include fixing technology.

Fun Fact: I am a triplet.