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* I currently attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University as a freshmen

* My major is Mechanical Engineering, robotics track. I chose this major and track because I’ve known for a long time that I have really good technical problem solving skills. Thus, mechanical engineering being the best track for me.

  • I am skilled in 3D modeling and running stress analysis on parts.
  • While working for a machine shop as a student intern, I designed and programmed CNC machine code for a cribbage board a customer wanted. I also designed a full functional drive train and other mechanical features for FRC Robotics club in high school.
  • I have repaired numerous dirt bike engines, from piston replacement, to transmission rebuilds.
  • I have won many honors scholars awards and have received a scholarship from Nordson for $2500.
  • I am currently in the cycling club on campus but I am also working along side the EagleSat club to develop a design for a new type of satellite.
  • In my spare time I love to mountain bike and explore new terrain with my friends.
  • This project would benefit me in the professional environment in that it will teach me correct diction when writing in a technical setting.
  • A fun fact about me, I think I have the world’s record for highest pitched whistle at 14000Hz


Block Image

A fully functional robot I designed in Robotics Club

Block Image

The cribbage board I designed for a customer of the machine shop I worked at.