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Canon EOS Rebel XS Troubleshooting

This is the troubleshooting page for the Canon EOS Rebel XS.

Go to the Canon EOS Rebel XS device page

Camera does not turn on ¶ 

Camera does not appear to be powering on.

Camera in lock position ¶ 

Move the command dial to something other than the L position to turn the camera on.

Bad batteries ¶ 

Make sure that the batteries are fresh and placed into the camera correctly. The camera has an internal battery as well as an external. the internal battery has a lifespan of about 5 years; if your camera is well over 5 years old, the backup battery can short-circuit, preventing the camera from starting up.

LCD Broken ¶ 

If the LCD is not working, the camera may appear to be off. Try pressing the shutter button and listen for the camera shutter sound to make sure that it is the LCD that is broken and not something else.

Wiring or motherboard problems ¶ 

If all else fails, it likely you have an issue with the camera's wires or components on the motherboard may have come loose or damaged.

LCD doesn't turn on ¶ 

Nothing appears on the LCD.

Camera in lock position ¶ 

Move the command dial to something other than the L position to turn the camera on.

Bad batteries ¶ 

Make sure that the batteries are fresh and put into the camera correctly. Also make sure that the battery contacts are clean. Clean with a dry cloth.

Old LCD ¶ 

After 5 years, the LCD may be difficult to read. Replace the LCD. For instructions on how to replace the LCD.

Wiring or motherboard problems ¶ 

A wire or component on the motherboard may have come loose. If not, a component on the motherboard could have gone bad.

Flash bulb doesn't pop up ¶ 

The flash bulb wont pop up

Bad batteries ¶ 

Make sure that the batteries are new and placed into the camera correctly. Also make sure that the battery contacts are clean. Clean with a dry cloth.

Push down the flash button ¶ 

The flash button can be pressed to make the flash bulb pop up. The flash button can be found on the front, left side of your camera marked with a bolt-like arrow.

Put camera in full auto, portrait, or macro mode ¶ 

To test if the flash will automatically pop up, the command dial must be set to full auto mode (green frame), portrait (face), or macro (flower).

Flash is stuck ¶ 

The flash may be jammed, closed, or stuck on something. Make sure nothing is in the way of the movement of the flash popping up. If the flash is stuck on the inside, gently tug on the flash to try to pop it up. If that doesn't work, the camera may have to be opened up.

Wiring or motherboard problems ¶ 

A wire or component on the motherboard may have come loose. If not, a component on the motherboard could have gone bad.

Camera will not auto-focus ¶ 

''Camera doesn't auto-focus when in auto-focus mode, but can manually focus when in manual focus mode."

Lens in manual focus mode ¶ 

If your camera is set to manual focus (MF), it will not focus on its own. Make sure the "AF" mode is selected not "MF" (look above the stabilizer switch on connector lens.)

Push shutter button half way ¶ 

To auto focus in auto focus mode, the shutter button needs to be pushed half way down while the brackets in the viewfinder are on the object you want to focus on.

AE/AF Lock Settings ¶ 

If your mode dial is set to 'P', it means that your AF is now being overridden to Program AE which automatically corrects the shutter speed and aperture. Try turning this setting off if its on and you're having problems with your AF.

Focus Ring Stuck ¶ 

The outer focus ring (located at the end of the lens) can sometimes get stuck, which will prevent your camera from adjusting itself. To fix this problem, set your camera to Manual Focus (MF), hold the end of the lens, and gently wiggle it to try and unstick the focus ring.

Battery cover doesn't close properly ¶ 

Battery cover does not completely close or broken off

Something blocking the battery door ¶ 

The battery door may be blocked by something. Check for obstructions around the hinge and the door. Also, the batteries being used may not be of the right size. Use the correct battery type for the camera.

Battery cover latch problems ¶ 

The spring loaded latch doesn't open and close correctly. The spring inside may be worn or broken.

Broken battery cover hinge ¶ 

The battery cover hinge my be broken. Check if the hinge is tearing or if completely broken off.

Third Party Battery Compatibility Issues ¶ 

Canon Rebel XS uses a CR123 battery. It is highly recommended that you use a Canon Brand battery as other brands often have faulty connectors to the charging port.

Charging Port is Dirty, Broke, or Damaged ¶ 

Even if your battery is new and appropriate for the camera, it could be lacking charge to power on. This could also be because your charging port isn't connecting with the battery because of a damaged bus meant for receiving power from the battery.

Error 99 ¶ 

When trying to take pictures, you receive an error message “Err 99."

Time-out sequencing

When turning your camera on and shooting a picture, you might get an error message “Err 99”, this could be caused by your camera timing itself out. When you leave the power on and the camera times itself out, the motherboard can no longer recognize the flash card which is a fairly big problem with the picture-taking process. To fix this problem, you can simply leave the power switch on, open the flash card door, and then close the door. Once you’ve done that you should be able to take pictures normally again. To adjust your time-out settings, go to ‘Menu’ >> ‘Settings’ >> ‘Auto power off’ and then select the amount of time you’d like the camera to wait before automatically powering off from being idle.

SD card problem

If your memory card is damaged/defective, you will not have anywhere to store the pictures you take. When trying to take a picture, you see an “Err 99” message, first try removing and reinstalling your memory card to the camera. If this does not work, try using a new memory card.

Motherboard problems

If none of the above worked, it is very likely there is a problem with the motherboard of your camera. If the picture you take cannot be transferred from the RAM to the memory card, the camera won’t be able to store the image to anything and you will get an “Err 99” error message. It is possible the motherboard needs to be inspected for functionality, seek a professional for assistance.

Help. My canon xs eos just stopped taking the pics it turns on and u can view the pics

Heidi - Antwort

Mine too has anyone gotten back to you?

Laura -

I have a Canon EOS Rebel XS that I love but it has stop working. When I put my memory card in it say's "NO CARD". Is that a way to have this fixed? Please help!!!

Susie Young - Antwort

My canon XS EOS stopped taking pictures, it will turn on and you can view the pics and download to the computer. Will not autofocus or allow pics to be taken.

Kathy LouAllen - Antwort

my eos rebel i-5 will not allow the camera to take pics if i press the shutter button the camera will auto focus the not allow you to take a picture its been like this for over a year it been at a local camera repair three times and amazon will not replace the camera ive fought with them for a year i payed big money for this and now im stuck with this peice of junk....

rock dawg - Antwort

My camera whenever I turn it on without the lens it is fine and if I put the lens in without fully clicking it in it will still work but once I click the lens it it turns off and I am not sure why. I charged the battery and tried the other lens.

Sarah - Antwort

i just got a new cf card for my canon rebel xti, i put it in and the screen says no image

avery milner - Antwort

Help, my camera does not turn on!! it just did last night. I took out the batter to fully charge overnight and charged my spare battery as well. got to work and neither battery worked!! could both batteries go bad at the same time? could the camera actually be broken? there is no L for lock possitin on the comand dial so it is not in lock mode. Is there something else it could be besides the camera itself? i also found a round flat battery in the battery cove, what is that for?

susiemom40 - Antwort

My Canon Rebel is doing everything right except all pictures are too dark, no matter how the subjects are lighted an ISO of 100. I use it to record my art works. The camera is about 16 years old. Any thoughts?

Sampietro - Antwort

My cannon rebel eos works fine but drains the battery when in the off position.

Jim Brown - Antwort

bought from ebay and cannot get the lcd screen to clear.  When I turn it on, the message on the screen reads: iso auto, fuyll auto, al focus. It will take pics but I cannot see on the lcd screen what I am taking a pic of!

eggoodwin - Antwort

if the screen displays “ memory card is locked “ answer is simple, take the card out of the camera. there is a little white slide at the L/ HAND of the card slide it gently down. NOW YOU ARE ALL UP AND RUNNING AGAIN.. JINTYMAC

jenny oswald - Antwort

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