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Nerf Recon CS-6 Troubleshooting

Darts Will Not Shoot

When you pull the trigger, the gun does not shoot darts.

Trigger Not Pulled Completely

You may not have pulled the trigger back all the way. The trigger requires a small amount of force to fire. If you are applying force and the gun still isn't firing, something else might be the problem.

Gun Not Cocked

The trigger cannot be pulled unless the slide is in the correct position. Pull back the slide until it locks into place, then push the slide forward until it is secured in the front position. The gun will not shoot unless the slide is completely forward.

No Darts in Magazine

When there are no darts in the magazine, the gun, even when cocked, will not fire. If the magazine is empty, remove it, load it with streamline darts and place back into the gun.

Jammed Dart

When the dart gun is fired with a fully loaded magazine, but no dart leaves the barrel, there could be a jammed dart. If a dart is stuck, start by pulling back the slide completely. Lift open black door until it locks in place (note: it requires some force). Remove offending dart and close door.

Incorrectly Loaded Dart

Darts may not be loaded. Check under black door to see if a dart is loaded. If not, check the magazine.

This gun requires streamline darts. If another type is used, the dart might get jammed. Remove dart and replace with streamline darts.

We found that darts will still shoot if the darts are loaded backwards, but the gun is more effective if they are correctly loaded. If darts are loaded backwards, remove the magazine, remove darts and reinsert according to orientation shown on the magazine.

Defective Magazine

If the magazine is full and not dispensing darts into the gun, the spring in the magazine may be broken. Replace the spring, or replace with working magazine.

Unable to Pull Trigger

Trigger either has too much or too little tension. This makes the trigger ineffective.

Gun Improperly Cocked

If the slide is not in the correct place, the trigger cannot be pulled. To cock the gun, pull back the slide until a clicking noise is heard. Then push the slide all the way forward. Gun will not shoot unless the slide is completely forward.

Trigger Spring Broken

If trigger has no resistance, the spring may be broken, allowing the trigger to move freely forward and backward without any effect. To fix this problem, replace the trigger spring. Refer to the guide on iFixit on replacing the trigger.

Jammed Trigger

Check to make sure that the gun is cocked correctly to shoot the dart. If the trigger cannot be pulled with some force, something inside the gun might be jammed. If you are comfortable enough with the gun, take it apart and attempt to dislodge anything affecting the trigger. Otherwise, a new gun might be required. Refer to the guide on iFixit on replacing the trigger.

Gun Will Not Cock

When you pull the slide back, it does not lock nor make a clicking sound.

Main Spring Broken

If you try to cock the dart gun, but the slide won't stay in a locked position before you slide the rail back forward, it is possible the main spring may be broken. The main spring allows the gun to be cocked. If it is broken, it will need to be replaced. Refer to the guide on iFixit on replacing the main spring on the dart gun.

Plunger Piece Defective

When you attempt to fire the dart gun with a full magazine, there is no compression sound from the dart gun, and no darts are fired. This would be because the plunger is not functioning properly. The plunger creates a force that shoots the gun. If it is defective, the plunger or the O-ring on the plunger may need to be replaced. Refer to the guide on iFixit on replacing the plunger.

Magazine Will Not Release

The magazine will not come out to reload darts.

Gun Not Cocked Back

When you try and release the magazine and the magazine is not released from the dart gun, the gun may not be cocked back. The slide on the gun must be pulled back to release the magazine. Pull back the slide to the locked position and slide out the magazine.

Magazine Release Button Not Pulled

When you try and replace the magazine with the slide cocked back, and attempt to pull the magazine out, it will not release. You must use the magazine release buttons to allow the magazine to be released. There are two magazine release buttons on each side of the gun. Both be pulled back to release the magazine from the gun. While pulling both buttons back, pull magazine out of gun.

I cannot c-o-c-k the gun. Orange slide is stuck in the forward position. Cannot slide it back.

justtosendtoiris - Antwort

I have the same problem can't pull slide back

Cdog T - Antwort

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