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Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX9 Troubleshooting

All attempts to turn on camera has failed.

If the device will not turn on, there is a good chance the batteries are low. Begin by taking the battery out of the camera and mounting it on the correct charger. Wait at least two hours for the battery to complete its charge cycle. Now insert the battery back into the camera and see if the problem has been fixed. If the problem persists, try replacing the battery with a new one. For reference the battery model is a Sony “NP-BN/NP-BN1 Li-Ion” Rechargeable Battery.

Another problem may be that the battery terminal is dirty or obstructed. Clean the battery terminal and reinsert the battery. Cotton swabs are the recommended way to clean the battery.

If the screen is blank or just blacks out, check if the lens is covered or obstructed. If it is obstructed, lift the cover/remove any obstruction. Press on the display button to see if any back-light works. Make sure no cables are attached to the device and reset the camera to factory conditions if needed.

Areas of images are unnatural.

When the images of your capture seem discolored, this may not be an issue of a defective screen, but possibly a color setting. Changing the picture settings to another balance such as cloudy, daylight, etc., could resolve an error caused by an overcompensation of the automatic balance settings.

If the image is out of focus or appears blurry the problem might be that the shutter speed may be too slow. This issue can be resolved by going to settings on the device and selecting the “Steady Shot” option.

The lens does not extend or retract when the zoom button is pressed or when the camera shuts off.

In most cases an error message will appear if the lens cannot extend/retract. Make sure to examine the lens to see if there is a blockage. If so, use compressed air to be able to move the obstruction out of the way. If it cannot remove the obstruction, use a pair of tweezers to remove the object.

The videos recorded are silent.

Make sure the volume is not on mute. If the volume is on mute go to settings and switch mute to off. If sounds still does not come out there may be a problem with the speaker and if that is the case it is suggested that you replace the speaker

The screen is displaying "MEMORY CARD ERROR. ''

If you see “memory card error” on the screen, power off your device, remove and re-insert the memory card; make sure it’s inserted correctly. If the problem persists, you will need to change the memory card or the memory card reader.

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