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Good list of a straightforward, step-by-step, overall best practices on dealing with new and "to be repaired" components. Next would be the fun part of diagnosis of the "patient" and to do no harm before you know what you are dealing with!

J Brent Masters - Antwort

What about testing Screens, Batteries, etc for Mac Laptops?

Gabe - Antwort

Also, try to find a distributor who has a process for defective parts. If you get in good with your distributor, you don’t have to test your “stock inventory” parts upon arrival.

What you can do is receive the item, then two months later if it is defective…send it back in a batch of defective parts. If you can work the deal properly (because you’re a regular customer), all you need to do is put a list of the items in the defective box with the details of their malfunction and send them back.

We send all of our cracked displays to our distributor for recycling, so we were able to get a sweet deal on buying “some” parts and with defective parts.

Gary Vaughan Jr - Antwort

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