If your DVD tray won't open when empty, but seems to work fine with a game in it, chances are good the belt is slipping or it is dirty inside (or both). This guide walks through fixing this issue.

  1. The first step is to remove the hard drive if one is installed.  Push the button at the front of the hard drive and lift the hard drive up to remove it.
    • The first step is to remove the hard drive if one is installed. Push the button at the front of the hard drive and lift the hard drive up to remove it.

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  2. The next step is to remove the face plate.  Pull out on the right side of it (by the USB cover).  There are clips that hold it in place, you just need to pop it loose.
    • The next step is to remove the face plate. Pull out on the right side of it (by the USB cover). There are clips that hold it in place, you just need to pop it loose.

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    • Next we will remove the bottom vent cover. There are three tabs on each side, use the finger of the xbox tool or the pointed end of a spudger to release them one at a time, and pull up from the front as shown in the third pic.

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    • The other vent has two holes towards the front of the xbox. Slide the finger of the xbox tool or the pointed end of the spudger into these holes to release the front two clips. There are two additional clips that are release from the sides, lift from the front as you release those clips. The back clip on the bottom is under the rubber "foot".

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    • To open the front you will need to cut or peel back the Microsoft sticker. THIS WILL VOID ANY WARRANTY ON THE XBOX. Turn xbox upside down, release the four clips shown, and lift the front of the bottom cover.

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    • Use the xbox tool to release the five points under the serial number label and start to lift the cover from that side. There is a clip in the middle you also may need to release. Then use the xbox tool to release the last two points at the power connection. Lift the bottom cover off the xbox.

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    • Remove the DVD eject button by releasing the clip and lifting the assembly off the front of the xbox. It has a pin to the right that it slides onto, so you may need to coax it a little bit.

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    • There are six #10 Torx screws that hold the upper case on. Remove these, turn the xbox over, and lift the top cover off.

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    • At the front of the DVD drive, peel back the end of the tape shown first, then lift the DVD drive part way so that you can access the connections in the back. Unplug the power and data connections at the back of the DVD drive, then lift it straight up.

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    • Now is a good time to blow the dirt out. The fan shroud has a clip in the center, you can release that with the finger of the xbox tool and lift it straight up. The fans have two clips, one above each fan, lift up on the metal lip to release them. Don't forget to unplug the electrical connector also. Clean it out and re-assemble these parts.

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    • Remove the screws and cut or peel the security sticker on the side of the DVD drive (also voids the warranty). Lift off the bottom and top metal case.

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    • To open your tray, look under the front of it. There is a small wheel that you can use the finger of the xbox tool to rotate by pulling from right to left. (In other words, rotate clockwise as seen from above.) This will lower the laser assembly and allow you to slide the tray. Clean the rubber belt with rubbing alcohol, or replace if necessary.

    Knowing where this wheel is (to raise and lower the laser assembly) is the most useful part of this guide - even after disassembling, cleaning, and re-assembling my Xbox tray wouldn't open, but moving the wheel every time I need the tray to work does the trick. Learn where the wheel is, and watch where it ends up when the box is reassembled.

    Freddy Fred - Antwort

    Freddy Fred, it sounds like you need to replace the belt..it's simple to do, and you can get them for a few cents each...I bought 100 of them for 2 or 3 bucks.

    ehart13169 - Antwort

    I'd suggest rubbing alcohol on the gears adjacent to the belt drive as well. This was needed on my drive. Both the gears and belt needed cleaning.

    retrogamerarities - Antwort

    • Clean the runners where the tray slides with rubbing alcohol as well. If it is really filthy like this one, you may want to remove the tray for a more thorough cleaning. Release the tab shown and pull the tray out and to the side.

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    • After cleaning, reinsert the tray into the DVD drive and make sure it slides smoothly. When you push it the whole way in, it should lock in place again. Re-assemble the DVD drive, now it is ready to go back in the xbox. Re-assemble the xbox in the reverse order, and you're ready to go!

    Fantastic easy to follow guide

    Mike Heeley - Antwort


To reassemble, follow the steps in the reverse order.

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This works great nice job on the guide thanks!

Severe - Antwort

Very great guide! My cousins Optical Drive wouldn't open at all, so I followed the guide, cleaned everything, and reassembled it. Now it opens if you give it a little love tap after pressing the eject button. Otherwise, if a disc is in it, it works great!

Simbad - Antwort

I started down this process when the drive would not read a game disc or a regular music CD. Cleaning the drive out did not help, but it was good to figure out how the laser lens assembly works and how one can get the drive to eject. In my case, the laser assembly needed adjustment (by decreasing the resistance of one of the two potentiometers).

Thomas - Antwort

Awesome guide. 100% fix for me. was able to fix tray not opening and disc not reading all in one walkthrough. follow steps, be gentle, clean belt, clean eye, reverse steps, BAM GAME ON!

neal - Antwort

Great guide. My son's Xbox 360 tray jammed and a disc was stuck inside of it. I was able to follow this guide and clean the tray and put the cd tray back together and it ejects discs again. I am letting him mess with it for a few days before I put it back together otherwise I will clean it some more. Thank you for this helpful guide.

Racheal - Antwort

Outstanding instruction and pictures. I really screwed up my xbox trying to take it apart to replace the drive belt. On my second xbox was fortunate to find you on ask.com.

Awesome! I will pass this on to my friends.**********

Joe Roscoe - Antwort

Good tutorial.

Although I found it hard to pry it open in the back. I found that there are clips below the openings, and to open them you have to press the screw drive forwards and then down. It will damage a bit the openings and the clips, but nothing very noticeable. It will be just a bit coarse. The price of dealing such a abnoxious case.

Miguel - Antwort

I love this article. Any suggestions on "exact" type of replacement parts. Like the rubber ring? If its stretched too much, can i get any old rubber band replacement say from local hardware store etc? Or do i have to order a specific part# from M$? TIA.

Chris Fisher - Antwort

This didn't work it still won't le me open the tray all the way. Can anyone help me please?

makayla.miles - Antwort

My lense won't come up when reinserting the tray, like it's not fitting the teeth when pushing the tray... HELP!

Alejandro González - Antwort

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