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Repair guides and support for SD, miniSD and microSB memory cards used in tablets, phones and cameras.

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How to formate memory card?

i have 4GB memory card when i connect it to my computer it shows to format when i select it, it does not complete i am not able to open it in cellphones also.I have very important things in it.

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Had this once to SD card which was faulty ...

Regards, Stone


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If you have important things on it you would not want to format (erase) it. It appears either locked (check for a physical tang that can be moved toward a padlock icon) OR it's damaged.

If it's damaged data recovery software might still be able to scavenge it.

There's a CardWiper (actually a recovery) app, or DataRescue 3.

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hello, im not sure off what software your computer has or if yours is customed but anyway,

if you copy what ever you have on it and place it in a folder so you can keep these important files.

you can do this by right clicking on the files and then finding the copy tab.

then if you open the properties which might help tell you if its broken or locked, to do this right click on the SD card which can be found in my computer then select properties tab.

hopefully you can now view and find out what ever is wrong.

(Based on windows 7)

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