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The Sony VAIO P series is a range of ultraportable subnotebook computers launched in January/February 2009.

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no sound from internal speakers or head phones

where is the sound card located

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I tried your tip ,it did not work. when I point to speaker logo on task bar I get message'- no audio output device installed



What is the model number of your laptop and what OS have you got installed, (Win7, 8.1 or 10)?


sony model #pcg6131. windows 10. I had windows 7 and had same problem. appreciate u trying to help.computer was off for over 1 yr,with no battery and no ch.arger


Hi Tommed,

Having trouble finding your particular model on any Sony support website. Have checked Europe/Asia/North America/South America, all say model not recognized. Could you please double check that the model number is correct? My other suggestion is, as it seems that Sony may not be providing Win10 driver support for older (especially Win7 pre-installed) laptops, you should go into Device Manager and check under "Other Devices" and see if there is a wireless network adapter there, or anything with the brands listed further (there should hardly ever be anything listed under "Other Devices"). Possibly with a yellow exclamation mark or red cross but maybe not. See what brand it is. Maybe Qualcomm, Realtek, Atheros etc. If so and since you do not have a wireless network adapter listed under Network Adapters (or do you?), go to the manufacturer's website and download and install Win10 drivers (if they have them) for the "particular" adapter that you have found.


sorry I gave u wrong no. pcg61317L. I'm kind of slow on computers, don't know too much. thanks for your help ,well appreciated.

I do have wireless adapter by Comcast.


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Once i had same issue tried restore my sound driver. After restoring it was working but after half hour its gone forever. Again tried but this time it won't enable. Finally i got heIpIine toII free (800) 585-2494 and got my problem solve. there was some malicious software which was stopping sound driver.You should also contact them.

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http://www.sony.co.in/support/download/4... -----download this 1st and then update it http://download.sony-asia.com.edgesuite.... I hoped it helps after u update the realtek driver with the above links :)

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Hi @yanko_mp3

Don't know ubuntu but what does Windows Device Manager show about the Sound Controller, is the controller installed correctly or even there?

If Win 10 installed, right click Win 10 start button, select Device Manager. When it opens scroll down to Sound, Video and game controllers, click on > to expand the list, right click on the Sound Controller listing (if it is there) select Properties and check what it says in the device status box in the General tab. (If not Win 10 go to Control Panel > Device Manager)

If it says “This device is working properly” then it is a hardware problem from the audio controller output to the speakers, the headphone jack or both, as the OS can communicate with the controller

If there is nothing listed under Sound, video and game controllers, check if there is a listing under “Other Devices” (if this category is shown) in Device Manager. According to this the audio controller is a Realtek HD Audio controller given that that is the driver they’re supplying for it. Sony has stopped support for the laptop so I assume that it would be correct, but I would have thought that Win 10 would have installed “generic” Windows audio drivers if it detected it, unless it was deemed too old. If it is there try installing the drivers from the link

Apologies if you know how to use Device Manager.

If it is shown in Device Manager as working OK and it doesn’t work, I don’t know the laptop but with headphone sockets it could be configured one of two ways.

One way is that internal changeover contacts in the headphone socket are used so that normally the audio is directed to the speakers. When a headphone jack is inserted the contacts changeover to direct the audio to the headphones and break the connection to the speakers. If the headphone jack was loose from the motherboard this may be why there is no audio at all.

The other way is that there is an internal make contact in the headphone socket that operates when the headphones are plugged in and this sends a signal to the BIOS/OS which tells the audio controller to switch the audio output away from the speakers and onto the headphones. If the headphone jack was loose or faulty in this scenario then there would always be audio at the speakers and never at the headphones.

If it is not shown in Device Manager at all then there is a hardware problem with the audio controller. The user manual doesn’t show that the audio controller can also be disabled in BIOS like other hardware can in the laptop, e.g. LAN or USB etc but still maybe worth a look just in case ;-)

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