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The Electribe SX is an electronic music production sampler by Korg released in 2003.

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Crackling/Distorting noise and mono output only

Everytime I turn the device on, I get crackling noise on both channels and then within a few seconds, sound generated by the device is only outputting to one channel. I had two accidents with it. Once it dropped on the floor from 4 feet and once I had it plugged into a 240v outlet that wasn't grounded properly and the outlet shorted while the device was connected. The device is made for 120v but it was plugged into a transformer. The device is pretty unusable now as I hear crackling that comes in off and on randomly. I had it upgraded at Music Arts Enterprises but don't want to take it there. The repair man was a bit rude and he could not screw all of the screws back in. Had he been nice about it I would have considered bringing it back but now I would prefer to do it myself. Hope anyone can help.

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emailpepin you say that "device is pretty unusable now " that is after the 240V experience? It never got fixed? Have you opened it up to take a look at the circuit boards? Post some good images of those with your question. Use this guide Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen for that.

Your damage sounds like it might be related to some power transistors etc. Have you had any issues with the tubes; recalibrated etc.?


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I think your ESX symptoms are caused by the tube.

If you replace the vacuum tube, it is likely to be cured.

No sound is produced when the vacuum tube is completely damaged.

If the vacuum tube on one side is dead, it can be explained as the reason why stereo output is not possible.

If the remaining tube was damaged, it would be excessive distortion. This is a phenomenon that happens to everyone due to deterioration over time. This can also happen with impact damage.

When you hear your story, there is no denying the possibility of other damage. But before you go out to repair expensive manufacturers, it's better to try cheap ways you can do it yourself.

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