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Dust on the sensor..

Ich hab ein fettes Staubkorn auf dem Sensor meiner G10.

Die Kamera war schon einmal wegen des gleichen Problems bei Canon ... knapp 300€!

Hat jemand eine Idee, ob ich das selbst richten kann?

Herzlichen Dank im Voraus!


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Dear OldTurkey, thank your answer information and so... I think it's kind of a drop of a hard stuff do clean that sensor myself. I did some repairing on my iPhone 4s but this seems to be a different level...

Well. Do you know if I can reach that optical unit without disassembling the whole camera?

It's monday morning, bit of rain and grey skies... I don't know if that is the day to start that job.

But I thank you again for your quick answer!

Have a good day und my best regards!


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Michael, no you cannot. you do have to take it apart. Armed with the manual and a small screwdriver set, it really should not take you to long. It is not as complicated as it appears. It sounds to me like today would be a perfect day for this.


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Michael Ostermann sure looks like you can do this yourself. Make sure you got the right tools and take your time. The CCD sensor is screwed to the back of the optical unit. May be a bit of a pain to get to, but this document Canon-Powershot-G10.pdf should make it doable. Should definitely save you plenty of Euros.

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