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Can the keycaps on the keyboard be put back?

I have all the keycaps intact, but the small plastic mechanism thing on the T key is busted.

Context: I spilt water on it , and I couldn't find out how to get the water out of there effectively. So i just removed the keycaps and now I can't put them back.

The method I used to remove the keycaps was stupidly crude. I used a earwax scoop as a lever to forcefully pull the keycaps out of their sockets .

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How to type @ for magic eagle key board?


Shift+2 is @ symbol, but it may vary depending on the language keyboard you have @nicholaslowkc76.

easiest way to tell on a Mac is to open up the keyboard view on the screen so you can see what each shortcut key activates


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I mentioned the process required to remove these keys in a different post, but it is important to try and be careful with the plastic scissor clip that functions under the key itself, as it is quite delicate.

But it is designed to have one end of the key slid into place, and the other end clicked in. If you lifted the keycaps from the top edge and pulled hard, you more than likely either tore off one of the little plastic pegs from the scissor clip, or damaged the alignment slots on the underside of the T key.

Do you have a photo of the underside of your keycap and the gap where the T key goes so i can inspect both the key and the scissor clip in situ? i may be able to identify the damage and suggest a solution to fix it.

Otherwise, it'll be a process of sourcing a replacement keycap with its scissor clip and swapping it out. the issue is, with the magic keyboard being such a new product, faulty keyboards are in high demand and are hard to come by, so we haven't been able to get stock of the keys on their own as of yet. but hopefully its not too damaged to work with.

I hope this helps.

Block Image

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I don't have a picture, but from what I can see, the tiny plastic things on the bottom left of the mechanism has been bent, the other tiny plastic thing on the bottom right is completely busted. That goes for the top left one too .

I think the tiny plastic things on the bottom are supposed to hold the mechanism in place and the top ones are supposed to keep the keycap in place.

The stuff on the gap? I think the little metal hooks on them are a tiny bit bent, but i think it is easily repairable with pliers.


I've edited my post above and added a photo of an intact key. the bottom of the key is designed to clip in to the square sections of the scissor clip, as shown in red, and the latches marked in orange are designed to align with the pegs of the clip.

So fitting, you slide the orange slots on first, with the key at an angle, then press the bottom until it clicks.

If any of these parts are stretched or damaged, the key will not function properly.

Typically, its best to replace the key or the scissor clip if its damaged, but you may be able to get it working to a certain degree. Just make sure whatever you attempt, you dont affect the free motion of the scissor clip, as its required for the key to respond smoothly.


you can buy the scissor clips from ebay but are quite expensive i found that replacing the whole ONLY THE KEYBOARD with the buttons all fitted was cheaper in the long run not the entire thing only the buttons on a membrane pad easy to fit also because the clips are very fragile you have to be carefull


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Thanks, I didn’t know about the sliding clips. When trying to put my keys back, I pushed them down instead of sliding them making the clips bend inwards. This made my key sit flush with the casing:

Block Image

When I read your post, I took them back out and unbend the clips with a knife so that I could slide them into place. Now they’re more or less OK. So thanks!

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