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The Westpointe MDC 45AE is a dehumidifier imported by Midea American Corporation.

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Why is my humidifier overheating and not shutting off?

Last night my humidifier was overheating and would not shut off. I pulled the plug. This morning when I put the plug back in, it came on, but it was making a lot of noise, including a slowly "clanking" sound from the fan. Please advise.

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@kahenn it is possible that you burned out some components on the controller board (start capacitors come to mind) as well as some motor damage (which may have started this issue). You would have to try to disassemble your dehumidifier and post some images of everything you find on the inside. Use this guide Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen to add images to your question so we can try to find out more. Big issue with this will be that schematics are rarely available....

Bit of a concern is the recall of dehumidifiers Even so your model is not directly named, it could be a re-branded dehumidifier which might still show the same symptoms. So, if unsure let an electrician take a look at.

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Thank you! Sounds to me like it would cost more to have it looked at and fixed than to buy a new one. It's at least seven years old, so there's no shame to it.


@kahenn most likely. I think I'd still tear it apart just to see what the damage is/was but I'd be a bit leery about the overheating issue etc.


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