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Eighth generation of the Honda Civic.

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I cant get my check engine light to stay off

on my 2006 honda civic 1.8l ex my check engine light will not stay off. comes back on in 1 second. codes read p0498 & p0135...i installed a brand new 02 sensor. haven't gotten to the vent valve as of yet because my light keeps coming right back on. checked all fuses (good). i even checked the wiring going to the 02 sensor with my meter. not getting the full 12v but i get somewhere around 2v-1.8v. i thought that was strange but i don't know it could be normal. is there anyone out there who could please help me or give me a little insight !!!

Update (10/05/2017)

Oh and I forgot to add i checked my new 02 sensor. the resistant was 3.9 using Ohms on the multi meter

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Levy brown P0135 is a malfunction with the 02 sensor and you did not tell us which one you replaced. The voltage should be around 0.1V to 0.9V. P0498 is the EVAP canister vent shut valve circuit low voltage. It is absolutely possible that you have a vacuum line that is off or broken. You also want to check your gas cap and think about replacing it. After changing them and fixing the vacuum line clear the codes. You are also not telling us how you cleared the code after your repair. You will need a code reader tool connected to your ALDL connector to clear those. I suggest you check at places like Autozone etc. for that.

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