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Repair guides for Gear Fit2, Samsung's fitness-oriented smartwatch, released June 2016.

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Replacement Charging Pins Badly Needed!

I need to replace the badly corroded charging pins on my Gear Fit 2.

It was a gift for pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (That I still have), and I'm pretty sure that Sammy (Samsung) will not replace, or fix the device without me first returning my Note 7 (which I have no intention of doing so).

Is there somewhere (Amazon, Newegg, E-Bay) where I can purchase a replacement?

I'm an IT professional who has no problem tearing this thing apart and rebuilding it myself, but I just need to have the correct replacement parts on hand before doing so.

If anyone can provide me a Part Number, or the correct name of the circutboard that I'm replacing; that'd be most helpful.

Thank you in advance.

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That is not for the Gear Fit 2.

It looks like that part is for the original Gear Fit.

I was able to put a dab of solder (slightly smaller than a BB), but it only lasted a few weeks before falling off.

I also tried some wire glue (glue with carbon in it), but for some reason it had no effect whatsoever (device fails to charge).

Don't want to try soldering again as the last time I did so it caused a crater to form where the charging pin should go (due to melted plastic).

Not sure why the wire glue isn't working; I know that it is conductive as I have used it before several times in the past without issue when making minor repairs to circuitry.

Glad this thing was a free gift for pre-ordering the Note 7 (which I still have, and am currently using) as this thing was obviously designed with planned obsolesce in mind.


motherAfucker product from SAMSUNG. ALL PEOPLES MONEY WASTE.


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did you try samsung parts if for gear fit 2 i took my back off not connected to circuit board just small connecting plates

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Go to Ebay. It’s simple. Most ship from China so think estimated shipping time. This one is more but comes from California.


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If is the model gear fit 2 the you will have in your watch two contacts, then you can look for “Back Cover with Connector for Samsung Gear Fit 2 SM-R360” in Aliexpress, is better buy the whole cover with the contacts becouse is the same price.


Also can by the battery, I had one unit with this problem, then you will need this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/40004494...

Recently I have repaired two units I had stored in a drawer from 2017 as you, one replacing the battery and other replacing the contacts and now I have two usables watches so I can recover between the two more than € 200 that were useless, they had barely lasted a year.


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