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Magic Keyboard 2 can not connect it via Bluetooth

My Magic Keyboard 2 can not connected via bluetooth, can only connected via usb, it just like dead totally after unplug usb cable.

Before this happened, I were cleaning it, and claped it a little bit, then it can not connected via bluetooth, usb is fine.

I wonder if the wire between battery and board is disconnected or something.

Is anyone knows what is going on ? Do I need to tear it down ?

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Did you clean it with a sanitized wipe? I've seen them cause liquid damage of keyboards.


No, no water inside


I have the same problem, I did not clean the keyboard, but bluetooth connection stops working, only works via USB


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Hi @kylebing ,

You may have 'bounced' the battery flex cable plug out of the connector on the pcb, when you 'clapped' it.

Here is a link to the ifixit Magic Keyboard Teardown guide.

Scroll down to Step.6 and hold your mouse pointer over the 3rd image to view the connector.

The guide is for the Magic Keyboard but hopefully it will be similar to your keyboard and this will still be of some help to you as you will have to open your keyboard to ascertain what the problem actually is.

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Thanks, I have opened it and didn't find the problem is. I think it is caused by the bad battery.


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