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Released September, 2014. Inspiron 15 3542 4th Gen Intel PDC

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Why is my PC lagging too tooo much?

I have Dell Inspiron 3542 Laptop with Intel Celeron Processor, 2GB RAM (which I have made 8GB via Ready-Boost by USB drive). But It's Lagging too much. I can't even open a Browser Window. Any Solution??

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You should be able to open a browser window even with 2GB of RAM.

Have you tried starting the laptop in safe mode to check if the performance improves?

Check online to find out how to do this for your OS.

If it is better in safe mode, you have a driver problem or perhaps a startup program problem. What AV (anti virus) is installed in the laptop?

If not Windows Defender, try disabling the AV and check if performance improves. (Ensure that there are not 2 AV active in the computer. They will be competing with each other and slowing every thing down trying to protect you ;-)

Have you checked that ReadyBoost is actually working?


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USB RAM cannot compensate for physical RAM because the USB data transfer speed is very slow, especially considering the technology of USB your laptop uses it could even be slower than the hard disk. Generally speaking the laptop is a relic for archaeologists to find. That being said there are some things you can try to boost the performance a little bit, but do not expect miracles and even running a browser today consumes a lot of resources as such old machines struggle a lot.

So what I recommend doing are the following. Preferably in the order I write the steps so you won’t need to go back and forth all the time

1: First off I strongly recommend starting with a clean slate and format your PC. If that can’t be done then run an antivirus antimalware program to make sure your system is clean.

2: Disable AERO themes in windows 7/8

3: Uninstall unnecessary programs and free up disk space

4: Disable programs from starting up with your PC that are not needed. Most programs have such options but they do not type in run: “msconfig.exe” and it will bring up start-up options

5: Disable unnecessary services and those draw a lot of resources. Find a guide like “ black viper services guide” and disable services that are not needed. To bring up the services menu type in run: “Services.msc”

6: Increase virtual memory allocation so that RAM extends to your hard disk

7: Download and install “CCLEANER” free version. Clean up everything and then run multiple times Registry cleanup.

8: Defragment your hard drive

Following these steps will boost the performance and possibly rendering the laptop somewhat functional but as I have said do not expect miracles.

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Install an Ssd and upgrade to 4gb or maybe 8gb ram. Then it be huge difference in performance

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as sam said install an ssd if you havent already done so

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It is hard to justify by using model number and ram amount only. Yet a factory reset may work.

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