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The Dell Inspiron 15-7537 is a 15.6" touchscreen laptop with an i5 core processor.

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The built-in webcam is not working Dell Inspiron 7537

Hello everyone. I got a Dell inspiron 15-7537 with a webcam that won't work.

Till now the driver is not in the system which is Windows 8. I looked over Dell website but the driver is not available.

If someone has it. Or if there is another solution. Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @i74244 ,

The webcam driver is supplied by the OS when it detects what camera is installed.

Just verifying that there is no camera entry in Device Manager > Imaging Devices (or cameras) or even listed under “Other Devices” if there is such a category in your Device Manager lists?

If there is no camera listed in Device Manager at all, then the camera may be faulty, the camera cable connection may be loose (either end) or perhaps and I’m not sure of this with your model if it is an option, is that it may be disabled in BIOS.

First check in BIOS to see if there is a camera setting at all.

If there is no setting in BIOS for it then the laptop will have to be opened and the camera cable connections checked (both ends) and if they’re OK then perhaps the camera module needs to be replaced.

Here’s the owner manual for the laptop. taken from this webpage On p.46 the camera cable connection on the motherboard can be seen. To view the other end you will have to remove the display assembly.

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The camera typically doesn’t require a special driver - it’s either a bad BIOS setting or a camera/display cable issue where everything works but the camera. Start with the camera module and if that doesn’t work, you’ll need to change the LCD cable. In this case, the camera module is less invasive of a swap then the LCD cable.

If you don’t see the camera, you can check the BIOS and see if it’s enabled - if it is, then it’s typically a hardware issue with the camera itself rather then a Windows driver issue.

You want to see if this setting is enabled in the BIOS correctly:

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @nick ,

Thanks for the image verifying that there is a camera setting in BIOS.

I couldn't find anything online regarding this and the manuals don't mention any of the BIOS settings specifically.



@jayeff That's on my E6440, but yes Dell does have a BIOS camera setting on the overwhelming majority of their laptops. On the Dell BIOS it's typically under miscallanious devices. Yes I did leave Free Fall protection on with an SSD installed but that's because I had to reset the BIOS defaults when I got it since I purchased it used and didn't know what it was set up for. I don't think the driver is installed.

The difference between business and consumer BIOSes is primarily the skin, Intel AMT and Computrace Option ROM. Business uses the DMI code base (AMI licensed) while the consumer hardware uses reference AMI.


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