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fingerprint button doesnt wwork after battery replace

Hello i replace my hono 9 battery like the guide on this topic

Huawei Honor 9 Akku tauschen

everything are good after i turned on my phone and battery works fine.

but the fingerprint button doesnt work. its completed dead.

thanks in advance

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i reopened the phone and did the same like battery replace.

i saw a small scratch as you can see in picture in the black flex cable.

do you think that is the reason home button doesnt work?

should i try to replace it? and where can i find a guide for it?

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borbou-13-  double check your work. Check the ribbon cables that are routed underneath the battery. Make sure those are all still properly connected. Inspect the ribbon cables carefully for any tears. There is really no other reason as for why the “fingerprint button” won’t work any longer.

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i reopened the phone and did the same steps as battery replace.

check the edited post to see the picture of the cable. you think i need to change it? and is there any guide for it?



I would since it is possible that this is the cause for it. there is no specific guide for that flex so you will have to find the best way using a variation of all of these Huawei Honor 9 Repair


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How was your fix, did you managed to get this working again?

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i have already ordered the flex wire and waiting the delivery.


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