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The Sony α6500 can be identified by model ILCE-6500. It's a mirrorless, digital E-mount camera with APS-C Sensor. The Sony α6500 was released in November of 2016.

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Main board swap - how to avoid problems?

I’ve got Sony with a power problem. After investigation I found it has an essential chip (IC5700) killed by a dummy battery. It can’t be replaced, so I have to do a whole main board swap.

It’s (insanely) pricey, but possible. The problem is - many report that after a replacement camera may malfunction: EVF may stop working, AF problems, some functions get disabled. As it’s costly thing to do I’m very nervous - how to guarantee myself from such things?

Service manual describes how to transfer needed data from an old board, but:
Old board must work (which it doesn’t want to do);
You need Sony Adjust Station software (which isn’t available).

Block Image

And I have some suspicious thoughts on that…
What should I do to get this cam working again? What’s your experience?

Update (03/27/2022)

UPD. Board photos if needed

Block Image

Block Image

Can’t say if it’s useful though

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I think that you cuold look for the service manual, check where is the ic that connects the DC to DC converter and rplace one whith the other, or at least see what is wrong checking voltages


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@intenditore anytime you are running into boards that need proprietary software installed which this (Old board must work (which it doesn’t want to do); You need Sony Adjust Station software (which isn’t available) eludes to, I would recommend to use a authorized service center. I recorgnize that this is additional cost etc. but I have had to many boards/devices rendered useless, by not having access to the right setup. .

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I might consider this route, but old board is inoperable, reading data off of it wouldn't be possible. Would service help here anyhow? I doubt.

And the price they'll ask is going to be close to a nice used device I guess


@intenditore I understand. The only other thing to do is to change the board and hope for the best. Maybe we can try and find the software that you’ll need for the adjustments and I wonder if the board has an EEPROM IC which information may be needed. Not sure if you already pulled the board. If so, post some really good clear pictures of it with your question. Maybe we can identify something that may help


@oldturkey03 sorry, next day after your answer my father had an attack, I had too differernt questions to answer. Updated the post with photos


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