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Die vierte Generation der kabellosen Tastatur von Apple. Herausgegeben im Oktober 2015. Modell A1644.

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Apple magic Keyboard 2 How to fix broken alu leg?

While cleaning the keyboard, I accidentally broke the metal "foot" of the Enter key.

Any idea how to fix it? Or can I buy this part separately?

Block Image

PS: In the photo "green" is the existing leg, "red" is what broke off.

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Sadly, Apple doesn’t offer any parts for your keyboard. The part you broke is par of the base and not replaceable. This is a single sheet of metal that goes across the full keyboard as you can see here which is from this Magic Keyboard Teardown

Block Image

Time to fine a new keyboard ;-{

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Agree. But may be there is any idea how to fix it? Or may be to find somewhere base? Or just broken keyboard and replase base? Or even more to fix it somehow))


Finding another keyboard and try to put the two together to make one working.

This is not easy! The keyboard shell is welded so you will likely distort and/or damage the parts. But only you know what your skills are and have the vast quantity of time as you'll need it!

Given the costs and not having cut fingers or worse! I would just look for a used one they are out there! Depending on the keyboard layout you can find them for about $50 USD.


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