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The Anywhere Mouse MX is a laser mouse released by Logitech in 2009. The mouse connects via a Logitech Unifying receiver and is powered by two AA batteries.

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Mx anywhere mouse side rubber adhesive

Hi there, just trying my luck - my Logitech anywhere 2 mouse is working perfectly, but the rubber adhesive on the side has come off so I tried to glue it back on and reallyt stuffed it up. (Cosmetically) do you repair the adhesive by anychance? Thank you Sean

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seanhunt1988, I recently repaired a Logitech MX Master (1st gen) and I reused the old “rubber”. I did use isopropyl alcohol and tried to remove some glue, then I glued it back using some strips of very! sticky double sided tape (2mm width), meant for mobile repairs.

That tape is incredibly durable and it’s also very, very thin, which allows for the rubber to place like originally.

The one I use isn’t sold by iFixit, but it’s all over Amazon mobile tape.

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