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Background and Identification

This projector hit shelves in early 2008 with the first spec sheet published in May. It can be identified by a sticker on the bottom with the model name "Toshiba TDP-XP2." The TDP-XP2 is likely a sister-model of the TDP-XP1. The XP2 model features higher brightness potential, higher contrast potential, and more ports for video and audio connections.

The TDP-XP2 presents a 1024x768 display with a 4:3 aspect ratio in a small form-factor. The ports are as follows: VGA in (Dsub), S-Video, RCA Video, 3.5mm audio in/out, and RS232 (DB-9pin). The lamp used is the TLPLV10 with a 4,000 lamp life.

Additional Information

Toshiba TDP-XP2 Amazon Product Page

CNET Toshiba TDP-XP2 Spec Sheet

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