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LG G4 Troubleshooting

Phone Won't Turn On ¶ 

No matter what you do, you can't get your phone to turn on.

Drained/Bad Battery ¶ 

If your phone won't turn on, and you have not used it in a while, you may simply have a drained battery. There are a few things you can try: Connect it to a power cord and see if anything happens. It should recognize that it has been connected to a power source by lighting up and start charging. If that does not happen, inspect your cord and power wall adapter and see if there is any damage to either one.

Dirty Connectors ¶ 

Dust or dirt can spoil the sensors and prevent proper connection between the battery and the phone. To clean this up, use a cotton swab and alcohol to remove the dust from the sensors.

Damaged Panel ¶ 

There may be damage to the panel due to different causes such as water or impact when dropped. The volume/power panel is a very quick and easy fix with the right replacement parts.

Charging Port is Malfunctioning ¶ 

If you try a functioning charging cable and it does not work, there might be a problem with the port. This will require replacement of the charging port.

Display is Not Working ¶ 

The display does not turn on when the phone is powered on.

Faulty Display ¶ 

If the display is blank or has spots, this can be because the display is damaged. This can be due to liquid or physical damage, and may require a screen replacement.

Digitizer Not Working ¶ 

If images are visible on your screen but the touch pad is not responding, the digitizer might not be connected properly or might be faulty. To fix this you will need to check the connections, if they are good, digitizer replacement is required.

No Audio or Distorted Audio ¶ 

No audio or distorted audio can be heard during a phone call or while playing music.

Volume ¶ 

Check to make sure that your device volume settings are appropriate. If they are not, set them to your preference.

Particle Blocking ¶ 

Check speaker to make sure there is no moisture, dirt or another particles on or around blocking it. Clean it with an air duster.

Front or Back Camera Not Operational ¶ 

You are trying to take a picture or video with the front or back camera, and you only see a black screen.

Camera Not Available Due To A Low Battery ¶ 

The camera might not work due to a low charge in the battery. Charge your phone and try again.

Camera Application Crashed ¶ 

If the camera application is open but it is not responding, try closing out the application and reopening it. If that does not work, try rebooting the phone.

Applications Malfunction ¶ 

If you are trying to open applications and they keep closing out and directing you to home screen.

Application Fails ¶ 

If the application fails, try closing it completely and reopening it. If that does not work try rebooting the phone.

Installation Error ¶ 

If the application does not work after rebooting the phone, try uninstalling and re-installing the application.

Phone System Crash ¶ 

If multiple applications are consistently failing try hard resetting your phone. This will delete all the information on your phone including pictures and contacts.

my lg g4 is starting up with the logo and then blanks off completely , i tried hard resetting it but it goes to the green android thing then logo screen then blanks off, help me please

Sherryann G - Antwort

mine too. it was connected to my laptop. i went outside, when i came back it won`t turn back on... idk why. the LG logo comes up, then, like you said, it goes blank

Sergiu -

this happened to me as well

i feel like lg was in such a hurry to set out that brand new phone with great specs on it but they went wrong somewhere

mine is in my drawer collecting dust. needless to say im extremely frustrated and kind of out of options on what to do with the g4 i have because there is a very tiny crack in the corner fromthe third day i had it

Lindsay Heil -

me too. and not coming on in safe mode either

hetherlov -

I just had to replace my phone. You're dealing with a known issue with some G4s. I hope you backed up, buddy. Because your motherboard is fried.

Carson Rago -

This also happened with my phone. It keeps on restarting up until the logo but failed.

I think its after the new update.

monicagiron09 - Antwort

same here, it keeps shutting down.. LG doesn't want to recognize it should be covered by warranty even though I see that there are tons of phones with this problem.. it started out of the blue, I tried removing the SD, reseting the phone, clearing the cache, nothing works.

Jonathan Urfalino -

Mines bricked like yours above. Was using it and creating a shortcut to an app on the home screen when it locked up completely unresponsive and went black.

Now refuses to boot, managed to get to a factory reset screen, reset it and the screen went black once again. Pulling the battery allows it to boot as far as the LG logo but then black screen, attempts to access recovery mode and safe mode all fail.

Charging lead causes LG logo then black screen, no battery level shown ( I know its about 60%). Anyone solved the issue?

Ive pulled the sim and sd cards just in case it was that but still no dice. One thing i have noticed is that the notification light pulses about 1 per second in blue and the crash to black seems consistent in terms of timing so in my mind that indicates something is timing out?

rhicks - Antwort

My phone has been doing the same, first time it happened it ran through the process a few times, took battery out and left it for 5, didn't turn phone on once i put battery back in and put it on to charge, loaded up charging screen then turned itself on after a few minutes and loaded fully, uninstalled all apps etc and removed the updated for all the preloaded apps then installed them all, seemed to work and phone was fine for a few days but it has just crashed their and the same fix last time isn't working now, might work for you guys though. Just wondering if anyone's had any successes in getting their phone to work. If not it's lucky I took out insurance lol.

Fraser Sweeney -

Rhicks...Mine is doing the same exact thing as you described. Were you able to fix the problem. ? If so please help me

Melinda Fisher -

I am having the same problem. I was switching between apps one day and it just crashed. I was able to get the boot logo up every few hours but now it just won't work anymore.

bobby bob - Antwort

My LG G4 just stopped working a few days after installing the Marshmallow Update. I was online with the phone plugged in, and it froze momentarily on a site, then turned off. I took the battery out for a little while, put it back in, put the cover back on, and it seemed like it was starting up, but the LG startup screen just kept repeating until the phone shut off again

Michael - Antwort

Mines too Micheal but I never installed an update it just did the same as yours.

Nykese Norman -

How to fix that problem? My g4 is doing the same thing.

Denell Handsor -

Seriously??? I have read comments from TMobile, Sprint, AT&T & Verizon users all having the exact same problem with this phone. Sounds like the phones sucks to me.

teresabarnhardt - Antwort

Mine did exact I think they put it on a one year self-destruct. Most of the warranties go after on year.. it's like a bug was planted..I got mine last june

David Barnes - Antwort

Mine did exact same thing yesterday. So frustrating. Anybody figure out the problem?

Melinda Fisher -

Mine did exact same thing...cant get it to turn on or anything..anybody know anybody who can fix this ??

brendahaley - Antwort

The only real fix is to reflow the processor for the boot loop. I can do it in my store Nick's Cell Phone Repair Pendleton Oregon.

Nick -

Hmmm...weird - I was plugged in to computer as well and then BAM phone dead and will not start/charge/anything....

grmnvixen - Antwort

mine too... Anyone was able to resolve the problem ?

georgesmkhayel - Antwort

I, too, plugged my G4 into the computer to charge, and it just died the next morning. I cannot turn it on at all. The battery is fully charged (I put it into another G4 and tried it) but no life.

Google search turns up the sudden demise of the G4 as a common problem!

Nicky Wong - Antwort

It happen to me just earlier! Im totally !#^&@@ off! I dont know what to do :(((( huhuhu

costasmaeestefanni07 -

same thing happened to me! payed a lot for it and its just killed itself

devon17dd2 -

My husband had to replace his after 3 months. I've had mine a little over 6 months and it did the same thing and died. I'm so mad right now! Obviously this is a common problem and makes you wonder if it was caused on purpose by the manufacturer.

Tina Couts - Antwort

Did everyone just have to replace their phones? I have the same exact problem with my Verizon G4.

80Trevmine08 - Antwort

We bought 4 LG4s Black Friday 2015. ALL 4 PHONES did the exact same thing everyone is talking about. Now the 'new' refurbished phones are starting the same thing

k pgc -

So..... is there any fix To this problem? Husbands phone did it and nothing seems to be helping

Dani - Antwort

Mine is doing the same thing! This is so frustrating...guess I'll be heading to AT&T today. Mine is also right at the 1 year mark.

donnaplayfish - Antwort

This happened to me too today goes to LG logo screen then blacks out.

runningmum7 - Antwort

Yesterday I was using my phone and I went to go to an app and it just shut down on its own. Wouldn't start back up took battery out and now it will go as far as the LG Android screen but nothing further, very upset as this phone was not cheap. I went to AT&T because the phone is an AT&T phone but because I don't use their service they shooed me out the door pretty much with no help. Very frustrated.

coffeecarmen - Antwort

Same thing with my sons phone its brand new.

This is obviously a manufacter problem. And requires LG to RESOLVE This DEFECT!!! REFUND-REPLACE these phones before a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT PETITION is started against them for refusing to back up the warranty and refuse to fix these phones.

I'm about to cobtact Publuc Utilities commissioner of California and sick them on their butts. They will resolve it.

Janie H - Antwort

let me know what to do, I want to complain as well..

Dyana Lopez -

Did u ever do this? Where do i sign? currently on my 4th. thats right 4TH device that has now bricked. I will never be returning to any LG products. Any company that brushes me off with another broken device does not deserve anyones time or money.

Matt Coronato -

Purchased mine for Verizon in August, just died out of nowhere today (May 4th). Apparently this is a common problem. Battery was at 40%, I was reading an email, the screen froze, then it turned off and hasn't turned on since no matter what I try.

JL - Antwort

Purchased in mid September, same thing happened , unfortunately my phone wasn't backing up to the cloud since October so I have lost several pics and contacts:( Any way to recover your information? DM

Donette Moore - Antwort

I'm having the exact same problem, I am 9 months pregnant and all of my pregnancy pictures are on my phone. I've been crying since yesterday morning because I can't even get into my phone if I plug it into my computer. Please somebody find a fix. I'm about to send it off to LG but I know they will end up having to just send me a new one which will not give me my pregnancy pictures.

Heather - Antwort

yup i have the same issue...minus the pregnancy part i had all my friends close friends family members and even client contacts images documents instagram related memes that are important to me as i am a ceo of a great page and now i cannot retrieve any because of LG lame careless mistake -_- like wtf?

Renegade Matrix -

I wish i can help but all i can say it FIGHT for your right...if u know u did nothing wrong to ur phone such as (jailbreaking , rooting , doing something illegal to ur phone) then u an yell and fight for your right to get ur phone back up and running (its what I did with apple when the assumed my mom was blamed that she physically broke the iPad till i proved that science broke the iPad as i was on vacation and the extreme sun broke the iPad andthen we fought and fought till they said we cannot do last what I said was well good luck u stupid apple agents cause im taking this to the higher authorities and I dont bluff which i did and we got a new all in all what im trying to say is...they will ask u to ship it and the shipping company will covr the ship fee and LG said they will try to repair the phone if not replace a new one...but what I dont get i charged my phone for 3 hrs overnight I wake up in the morning to find out my phone doesnt turn on at all...???

Renegade Matrix -

Wow sounds like a common issue.. last night I was reading the paper on my phone it froze and then turned off.. now won't go past the LG start up logo.. sometimes i have a blue flashing light when i try and turn it on but then turns back off later... Also to turn it back on i always have to take out the battery first then put it back in then try to turn it on.. Has anyone at all tried a new battery??

kaylee hellyer - Antwort

Hello I am having the same problem. I was sending a text and the phone just shut off. I have tried a new battery but it did not help.

Sonya Bynum -

Ye. Mine is doing it right now. It's not cool. I will turn it off then a couple of minutes later and I can't turn the screen on when my phone is on. So I have to take my battery out and put it back in. It's really !#^&^$^ me off because I can't contact my mom when need to be picked up or to text my brother. I wish I sstayed with Samsung.

Finn -

Me and my husband got ours last June and we had to replace both of ours in may after marshmallow upgrade. I found an article online. hopefully it will help everyone

bevis42079 - Antwort

Here’s the full statement LG made to Android Authority:

LG Electronics has been made aware of a booting issue with the LG G4 smartphone that has now been identified as resulting from a loose contact between components. Customers who are experiencing booting issues with their LG G4s should contact their local carrier from where the G4 was purchased or a nearby LG Service Center ( for repair under full warranty.

Customers who purchased their G4 devices from non-carrier retailers should contact an LG Service Center with the understanding that warranty conditions will differ. LG Electronics is committed to providing the highest standards of product quality and customer service and apologizes for the inconvenience caused to some of our customers who initially received incorrect diagnoses.

bevis42079 -

Thank you for sharing this!

k pgc -

Mine did exact I think they put it on a one year self-destruct. Most of the warranties go after on year.. it's like a bug was planted..I got mine last june 2015

angielmemgi - Antwort

Mine did exact I think they put it on a one year self-destruct. . it's like a bug was planted..I got mine last june 2015

angielmemgi - Antwort

My LG G4 went blank. I found this out when I went to plug it in to charge the battery-nothing happened. I charged both batteries with the portable charger and tried again in the morning. It started to come up past the LG screen showing the Sprint screen and died. Lots of hours later I tried it again. It rebooted after removing the battery to my lock screen but it wouldn't open when I swiped it and went black again. Now can't even get that far. Called LG and they said they would only repair the phone, not replace it. It is 10 months old. The process is to fill out a request form they email, wait 24 hours for the RA #, mail it to them with a postage paid shipping label, spend my time to take it to the post office and wait for it to come back repaired. 7-9 business days total they claim. Said the board probably needs to be replaced. They don't send loaners. Husband didn't want to pay for insurance and Sprint said I could get a replacement through them for $75. I won't buy another LG product of any kind.

Laura - Antwort

On my device LG G4 asoon as i get whtsp call my wifi disconnects . i dont know how to fix this prblm . help me out

Yashika - Antwort

After 8 months my LG G4 left me having the same behavior described by the other customers above. I thought I spend my money wisely when I bought this phone. I have lost all my pics and videos from different occasions plus almost 600 Euros how much it was last year in Romania at Emag . &&^& you LG - with your "Life is good" $@$*!& brand.

horiacaloian - Antwort

My wife's phone just died as described by the commenters in this thread. Located in Taiwan, need to locate an LG service center, which is not near us as we are in a remote area. We relied on it for our home wifi hotspot. Initially I thought it was an overheating issue but after reading this thread it's obviously a manufacturer defect of some kind. Will see if a repair is affordable or if LG recognized this as a common enough issue to repair for free (I doubt).

All I can conclude with is that when working, the phone was great, but did heat up often when we started using it as our wifi hotspot. Camera is excellent, and it's responsive and fast. But reliability is a huge problem, and I will hesitate to buy another LG phone, unfortunately.

Jack -

Well this is the third time the LG G4 has become a paperweight and not a phone for me. Still under warranty I had two replacements and I am finding my options now for the third time. I would never reccommend an LG product to anyone. It just randomly goes dead and will not charge- won't even turn on to the home screen. Very frustrated customer. I went with the option of an LG rather than an IPhone because I loved the camera options. Worst mistake. Ugh

Robin Kiesinger - Antwort

Hello. I also have an Lg phone, it's a g pro2. While playing coc, it suddenly froze, wont power on afterwards. When I turn it on, it just wont get pass the lg start up logo, so basically it blinks- logo, then black screen, then logo, that's the cycle. So here's what i did. I downloaded the lg pc suite but it can't recognize my phone. Next, I tried the LG Mobile Support Tool. After 5 agonizing hours of waiting for it to reboot, it just went to charging mode after all the process.

kalikotpepot - Antwort

I unplugged it from the pc and later decided to recharge it. That's when it suddenly rebooted! All files still intact. Though out of paranoia, i just quickly went to settings and did a factory reset. Though I was able to "regain" my phone for a while, i disconnected it to the charger and boom----back to the cycle of logo. Now my friends, it just wont function if not connected to a wall charger. Next week I'll go to an lg store and purchase a battery and find out if the battery is the culprit.

kalikotpepot -


I apologize for the caps....

So my sister has this phone, she has been having the bootloop issue where the device refuses to power on. To my understanding LG has identified this as an issue and will replace your device if it's defected.

If you have any photos, videos, or files you need on the device, I suggest you find a Micro USB -> USB adapter or some kind of backup solution via wifi.

Follow these steps:

1) Pull out the battery, wait 10 seconds, put battery in... DO NOT TURN ON THE PHONE

2) Plug the phone in, let it charge to 100%

3) Pull out the battery

4) wrap your phone in ceramic wrap

5) Put the phone in the freezer for 15 minutes

6) Take phone out and plug in the battery... DO NOT TURN IT ON

7) Rewrap in ceramic wrap

8) Turn the device on and leave it in the freezer

After 5 minutes of turning it on, check if the phone has turned on.

If this worked, this is your chance to backup your phone. Make sure to keep it in the freezer while it's backing up files.


Stoyvo - Antwort

THANK YOU!!! It's able to charge and boot up after your instructions...

napoijewelry -

TRY THIS TO RETRIEVE YOUR DATA: Put your nonbooting LG G4 in the freezer for an hour or so with no battery installed and the back removed. Then install a fully charged battery and try turning it on. I got one last boot out of mine, so be prepared to either back up texts to an SD card or to move photos or videos on internal memory. You could use a long USB cable and keep the phone in the freezer while in External Drive mode if you know where to look for your media. Sadly, mine didn't stay booted long enough to get everything, but some of it was saved. I surmise that freezing it shrinks the components on the motherboard and possibly briefly restores whatever broken connection exists between components. Good luck, as this only worked once for me.

nazcaplain - Antwort

I JUST realized my comment nearly mirrored the one before it! Hopefully our suggestion will help someone.

nazcaplain -

Got this phone from a friend. Delighted at first, great phone, aside from the annoying placement of power and volume buttons. Last night, it spontaneously rebooted while I was writing a text. Boot will not complete, however and phone dies. Called customer service, they will not honour recall because the phone is not looping, only dropping dead. I am 100% certain this is the same issue. Very angry that LG will not make good on such a popular design flaw on a premium product. These phones are very expensive and should be supported when mistakes are made. Will tell anyone that listens about my experience.

Angry LG excustomer - Antwort same issue here with LG this phone one year ago..and it suddenly went dead today..tried to do the tricks to turn on the phone, no use..huhuh..hope it works the freezing to retrieve the files..good luck to me

twixzarg - Antwort

i was on faebook message and my lg g4 was turn off and now it will not turn on

megan stringer - Antwort

My G4 stopped reliably working. Probably if you're reading this it's too late, but if your phone still works at all you need to back it up immediately. I tried the freezer help. On Cnet I found a routine that did work. Charge the battery 100%. Remove the battery, SIM card and sd card if you have one. Push and hold the power button for 60 seconds (naturally nothing happens perhaps this drains a capacitor or something). Replace ONLY the battery. Start it up. For me this got past the boot looping to the Verizon screen, which of course failed to connect (no SIM card). Pull the battery. Insert the SIM (and SD if you want). Reboot. THis worked for me but only temporarily so (1) back up if you need to and (2) send loved ones a message your phone is fubar (3) contact Verizon. The were quick to replace mine free (11 months old bought from Verizon). If you didn't buy from your carrier...good least I hope you got a good deal.

Steve -

I thought I had the same issue as it spontaneously showed logo and then turned off and then wouldn't do anything. However after taking the sim out to put in a different phone I tried turning it on WITHOUT THE SIMCARD IN and it worked fine. Then I put the sim back it and it was still fine. Good luck

eileen bain - Antwort

Hit the 1 year mark, maybe a month over, and it just died.. same as all of you above.

this is bullshit, lost many family pictures of people who are not dead, not able to get these back. class action suite should be filed. i played with the phone for 8 hours 1 day, and it booted to the screen 1 time, and lasted about 10 - 20 seconds - froze and never came close to that again.. here i thought LG was a decent company

coreypkelleher - Antwort

My lock screen on my LG G4 isn't timing out. I went to bed with 100% woke up with 15%, battery usage shows 70% is screen. I had this is before, after some suggestions I turned off wake screen on Snapchat and that fixed it now it's come back and worse than ever. What should I do?

promaforever - Antwort

Same thing here. Very frustrating as it happened exactly after 13 months of use.

talijura - Antwort

Same issue as everyone else. Screen suddenly goes to LG screen, cycles to black, back to LG screen very slowly. Tried all the fixes except putting it in the freezer, of course. Got it to boot to the T-Mobile screen several times, but then it went right back to the loop. I've had it 13 months, so out of warranty, but I have SquareTrade insurance. They sent me to a repair shop, told them what was wrong, the guy took out the battery and put it back and it started working fine. My guess is that whatever connector is loose, somehow reconnected on the way to the repair shop, because I took out the battery repeatedly and put it back and got the same thing over and over. I'm going to trade it in asap before it disconnects again (I first took it to the T-Mobile store, but they wouldn't give me the $200 off upgrade if the trade-in wasn't working. Now that it is, I'm taking it back and getting the discount - and a different type of phone).

Othon Friesz - Antwort

new lg phone only accepts incoming calls does nothing else

Kit Broome - Antwort

lisa browning lg phone only accepts incoming calls kicks out email pass word google and does not work

Kit Broome - Antwort

my lg 4 phone shrinks my login(for GOW) screen to 3/4 in size & is unresponsive when I tap the username & password bar so I can login. Is there anyone who is having or had the same problem? If so I sure would like to know how to fix it.

Rita Cruickshanks - Antwort

Try the freezer method first, as it seems less invasive. [Didn't work for me]

Then ask the internet how to fix it using heat...either a heat gun/hair dryer or baking it in the oven. Temporary fix, but sometimes is reported to work long enough to get important things backed up. There are a few youtube videos and a write-up or two.

sarahhustwit - Antwort

well me and my brother was on my phone and he was on skype and out of no where my phone go blank so i ask him what he do he said nothing i said u did something this didnt happen till u got on it and i sat here for 4hours and i still cant get in it and i can not factory reset it i need my things thats on there how do i get my im starting to get !#^&@@ that my stuff not working someone needs to fix this crap

myvibes official - Antwort

what is the answer?

Kevin - Antwort

what is the answer? :-/

Kevin - Antwort

I am in India, bought the phone last Diwali 11-NOV-2015, from Reliance Digital, Sarjapur road, Bangalore, with an extended warranty of 1 year (by Reliance)

Same story as with everyone else. After exactly 13 months of use, the phone died on me. It would wake up once in a day after repeated attempts to switch it on.

I put it on a polythene ice wrap, was able to switch it on, delete some apps n videos. But it doesn't stay alive for more than 2 mins. There is no Sound while booting, although rest of the sounds work when the phone comes alive.

There is atleast 2-3 GB space available on ROM. Not sure whether the motherboard has gone bad, or if there's a lose connection, or it's the OS. I remember i upgraded to Marshmallow as soon as the phone showed me that Marshmallow upgrade was available, which was some 6 months back.

Had to take out the SIM. I never put an SD card inside.

Can somebody suggest if I need to :

1) Replace the Motherboard, OR

2) Downgrade from Marshmallow to Lollipop, OR

3) Go for a Factory Reset ?

Rahul Sood - Antwort

Phone stuck in bootloop

ajason065 - Antwort

Same here.. so fcking annoying..

My phone become kinda slow about a month ago

and yesterday it froze and turned off by it self.. today about 2 hours ago it turned of again and now its stuck in a booloopp...

any suggestions of how to fixed?

im about to factory reset it .. i will let you guys now what happened


ottosamm -

Was looking at images on the gallery and the phone suddenly crashed.

Tried turning it on the LG logo showed up and then the phone shut down after a couple seconds. Tried to turn it on again but it didn't work. Took the battery out and put it back in and the charging logo showed up but it froze right away and the phone shut down. The phone will not turn on. Tried hard booting it but nothing works. Known issue that LG is not doing anything about. Pretty sad since I paid quite a bit of money for this phone.

BR0K3N - Antwort

same as my phone. I think it is planned thing. my warranty expired just couple of days ago

Mohammad Hossein Zarifi -

My LG G4 failed start twice. The first time was just one day after one year warrant mark. 2nd time is after another two months later. In both cases, I changed USB mode from Power Charge to Data transfer to transfer my photos from phone to my PC. when USB is in data transfer mode. USB charge does not work, so Battery is drained out. Phone will not turn on. Pull out battery out for 5 minutes and then put it in. When turn power on, it start in power on loop. After tried pull battery out, SD card out, and then put them in few times. Power charge start working. I guess the USB mode is changed to "Charge" mode. Then phone is working.

szhang999 - Antwort

I took a picture and then the phone crashed. Tried turning it on the LG logo showed up and then the phone shut down after a couple seconds. Tried to turn it on again but it didn't work. Took the battery out and put it back in and the charging logo showed up but it froze right away and the phone shut down. The phone will not turn on. I called the LG support team and couldn't fix. This issue must be known to LG. I want them to replace or refund my money. LG knows this issue that LG is not doing anything about. We need class action law suite.

Mathias Gudina - Antwort

This might be a somewhat long reply in answer relating to people posting problems here with "NO SOUND ON MY CELLPHONE'S SPEAKER" esp on an LG G4 ("stupid" and not smart at all cell), or any other G4 gen (generation) cell (cellphone). I'm using abbrev's to save time and space here. G2 gen cells (non smart phones - lol) were the best by design because the onboard SPKR (speaker) was embedded inside the phone under the BATT (battery) under the back cell cover, and NOT exposed to open air (esp salth2o air), and dirt, and debris like is the case with G3-G4 smart cell case design. Bad factory engineering ideas, or choices as far as I'm concerned from an Electronics Design standpoint. Reason I personally can say this for fact is that I have the Electronics Degrees and years of OLD & NEW school repair work to back up what I talk about. Case in point - I have already Micro repaired my old 4-year old Verizon Samsung Gusto 2 flip cell embedded MIC (microphone) at board level to fix that problem. (tbc)

FRANK JR - Antwort

The site just dropped my (cont) compose, but luckily I didn't lose much. You only get 1024 characters - bummer.

What I was saying before was that some jackass knocked my old but trusty Gusto 2 out of my hand, and when it hit the deck the MIC to ckt board solder point connection broke and I had no more MIC function. On a call I could hear them, but They could not hear me. So knowing what the problem most likely was I opened the back case after "turning off" the cell, and removed the BATT, and then carefully split the MOBO in two by removing the 4 board screws, and carefully checked to see if the 2 front-side MOBO ckt board MIC solder points were intact, and 1 was micro-cracked. The slightest pressure touch and it ohm'd 0 Ω, and by releasing it showed OPEN. One good quality 60/40 micro-solder point repair later, and all was back to normal.

So what I suspect on all these LG G4 cell SPKR related problems, and it IS a LG hardware DEFECT problem is that it is a bad solder point connection. (tbc)

Y speaker


(Cont from above)

Prior to getting my present day free LG REBEL LTE cell with unlimited everything - except for the 500mb of HS DATA, which is about the ridiculous norm these days - for $35 a mth I might add - that came after first dumping Verizon for screwing me out of my unlimited everything $50 a mth prepaid mth-2-mth plan that I had for 3+ years prior btw, and then over those 3 years EOL'ing practically everything that was preloaded on that Gusto 2 flip cell including my Yahoo email and such - I finally said "screw you Verizon" and dumped them, and switched to NET10. Better plan - cheaper cost than Verizon, etc, etc. Long story short, as Verizon just has store dummies now that just want to sell you more "bells and whistles" that stupid people never use anyway - and they know it! That's Verizon for you - Cha Ching - lol. So I bought an LG 308G 2G cell because I just wanted a small cell instead of an iPad sized monster cell. Don't need BIG anything anymore. Just more bulk to lug around. (tbc)


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I loved that LG 308G cell that I got at Walmart for $20 and tax, Very loud volume SPKR wise - nice, used the same Verizon trans towers, and very easy to set up and use right out of the box, even came with a 4gb Micro SD card - not a bad deal, but 1 to 2 mths into using it I find out it had very poor reception once 2 feet inside very heavily concreted bldgs. Not only that I find out 3 weeks after buying this LG 308G that TracFone is selling the very same phone model on a - GET THIS - CLOSEOUT - for 1/2 price of what I paid for the same model NET10 cell. I was livid, so I call NET10 on that poor reception part to see if there are any updates for that 308G, and they tell me that there is no more support for that cell - say what you say? Ya - that's what I said. Bummer - I couldn't live with that so I lodged a complaint with Walmart first, and then I called LG Corp direct, and what I found out just appalled me beyond belief. Not only had LG not made that cell since DEC 2015, but (cont)


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I had to pry a bit with their Tech Support rep, and btw they are located in the Philippines as well as the NET10 people Call Ctr, but I'm pretty good at doing that from an investigative standpoint. The illiterate idiots at NET10 in the Philippines Call Ctr, that just know how to read off of a "cheat sheet" DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING, so in talking with LG I at least found out 2 important facts that NET10 could not tell me.

1 - That 308G production was stopped in DEC 2015 for fact!


2 - There had been NO factory support in the way of updates or patches for at least a year before that DEC 2015 EOL date. Nice huh?

So who was lying to who?

It gets better though - Oh thank heaven for 7-11 - lol.

When I go back to Walmart Corp to update them with my previous complaint I point blank accuse them of knowingly selling EOL OUTDATED cellphones that should never have been on their shelves to begin with. Guess what happened next? (tbc below)


(cont from above)

All the Walmart stores around me that had that KNOWN EOL LG308G cell cleared their shelves of it, and replaced it with a different low ended model. WOW - who would have guessed huh?

And though Walmart settled with me by buying me that new LG REBEL LTE 4G cell, and a free mths airtime - for all that I had been through - they wouldn't "buy back" my now 'almost useless' EOL LG308G, but that's OK, because it still serves me well as a cheap backup to my still usable Samsung Gusto 2 flip cell as a Alarm Clock, Calendar for events and Appts, Notepad - both the Text Drafts part and the regular Notepad, as well as a Day Planner, Stopwatch, Calculator, and a few more.

So guess what happens to my 2 mth old REBEL LTE 3 days ago? You guessed it - my SPKR goes dead on me. For no reason at all. Never dropped it, or got it wet, never downloaded any apps, or used any from the cell's factory apps, never made any major "Settings" changes either, so guess what people. I now know what causes this. (tbc)


(cont from above)

Before I tell you the "what and how" that causes the sometimes cheaply made SPKR - with the cheaply made cell - to fail (oops - it slipped already), and NO it's not a Driver issue, and certainly not another App issue either, although a SOUND setting "mis-setting" - YES - that is a direct possibility. Or if you accidently deleted what you "thought" was a hack or Malware file along the lines of thinking someone hacked into to your cell, and then you did a major "Master" reset, which should always be the last resort anyway - esp if you don't back up your valuable cell files on a separate Flash card or home cmptr Hard Drive, or other storage device. Just common sense here people. (tbc)


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I have to tell you first that Walmart is taking back my now "known defective" LG REBEL LTE with a defective inop SPKR - Yes - inop SPKR - that I already investigated & trouble-shooted and positively know to be the SOUND fault - and they are replacing it with a brand new one once I copy all my Browser FAV's and Saved Pages LINKS, etc, etc. All my phone contacts are already backed up on my still useful LG308G 4gb Micro SD card that I was afraid to put in this now known defective LG REBEL LTE with the bad SPKR in it. Who knows what else is bad in it besides just the SPKR chip. I'm constantly getting "too hot" warnings when I go to turn up the brightness bar when the display dims for no reason. It has issues people - trust me - I know. Again - my phone has NEVER been dropped once! Mmmmm?


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SO - Once that's done then I'm contacting the CPSC and filing a Major complaint against LG CORP for DUMPING known defective cellphones on us here in the USA, and possibly even worldwide, because that is exactly what they are doing so they don't lose millions on defective batches of certain cell models! They (LG) may not be the only cell Mfr doing this either. Ever hear of the Pelican Brief? Well - this will be the sequel - and I may have to find a quiet "out of the way" Island to hide out on after the $hit hits the fan. No laughing matter now that we have a bigger "knucklehead" up in DC that thinks he OWNS Amerika, and who is taking this USA Country of ours down that same dishonest lying path that LG CORP is taking us on with DUMPING defective cellphones on us through stores like Walmart whether they know it or not??? Mmmmm? I wonder? Don't you? (tbc)


(cont from above)

So as far as the LG REBEL LTE and similar branded 4G cells go with the (exposed to open air) cheaply designed SPKR design - here's what I have to say about that issue alone. If Walmart lets me keep this defective REBEL - when given the new one free, and I get a chance to open it up fully to get to the SPKR mounting - as to see how it is attached to the MOBO (either fully soldered in place to the MOBO, or is it just pressure points contacted), or if it is fully soldered to the MOBO then is the SPKR core coil wire broken or defective as well? I won't know until I get the ckt board apart to inspect fully. One thing that I can tell you for sure is that there is a grid panel cover attached to the micro SPKR face frame covering the cone, and unless you thoroughly know what you're doing DON'T mess with this. I was able to inspect under it with a high Mag loop, and successfully replace that cover intact without damage - you will NOT. (tbc)


(cont from above)

I also was able to get the SPKR to work temporarily by doing something else - so I KNOW positively that the micro SPKR is the problem and nothing else. As soon as I can fully open it up - pending getting to keep this defective one, and making the repair I will post a YOUTUBE fix-it video on it and more, so stay tuned, and don't beat on your cell's whatever you do.

Oh, and IF you HAVE dropped, or beat on it, or dropped it in h2o like some people have done - then you have more than just SPKR issues.

Stay tuned people...

Signed - Supertech Frank


Try below troubleshooting steps on your LG G4 and other devices:

Press the the power button:

Press power button several times to check the issue with powering on your LG G4 and other devices.

Boot LG G4 into recovery mode & Wipe cache partition

Boot LG G4 into safe mode if device won’t powered on / unresponsive

Safe mode not allowed using third party apps of your LG G4 and other devices. It determines which app may be causing the error.

To enable safe mode on LG G4:

Step 1: Press and hold the power button at same time

Step 2: Select & hold power off until displayed “Restart in safe mode”

Step 3: Tap “Turn on”, from reboot to safe mode immediate

This process takes up to one or two minutes.

Step 4: When your LG G4 restarting, safe mode appears in the lower left side corner of the screen

I hope above given steps solve your problem.

Bestuseful - Antwort

The power cord does not fit properly! How does a $600 phone manage to sell with a faulty power cord.

Rose - Antwort

My lg g4 when i turn it on, all it dose is flash on and off over and overand over. I cant use the screen other than to turn it on. What can i do to fix it?

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I have vieweasyv2 cctv ap installed on my LG g3 and it works great but on my LG g4 it won't work at all....had anyone came across this problem too

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My lg g4 won't turn on at all. When I press the lock button nothing happens. When I plug it in it doesn't register that it's charging, (no damage to the charger.) Sometimes if i plug it in without the battery it will register that there is no battery but that is 1/10 times. This morning when I tried to plug it in without the battery then add all the parts while plugged in it began to vibrate as if it were turning on and would not stop vibrating. Nothing happened with the screen. Does anyone at all have any ideas? I can't afford a new phone please help.

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Okay so I dropped my phone my screen cracked but the worst part yet is that it's having trouble turning on now and the battery is full. Any recommendations??? Help please!!!

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I am trying to. Figure out how to go back to what I was doing on the phone. How do I get to my screen I was on before I was interrupted.

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It freezes up when try to end call

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It freezes up when i try to end a call

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My LG G4 does not start, just keep showing the window with LG Life's good

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Same here! Did you resolve the issue??

Alia Salam -

suddenly my lg4, when I try to phone, flashes a screen saying "Emergency Calls Only". How did that happen? How to fix?

Keith MistyIsle - Antwort

Mine blacked out too. It started heating before like 4 -5 months ago. Then it freezes. Everytime it does that I just remove the battery. But now, while I was charging it, it reached a 100% power, then when I tried to open my facebook, it slowed down then totally went blank. I tried to remove the battery and even bought a new one from Amazon to no avail. Now I have to find a new phone tomorrow (August 13, 2017) and go to Chinatown to look for cellphone fixers who could help me revive my phone so that I could access my old numbers again. However, I pray that my numbers are already connected to Google and that would greatly help me tomorrow when I get my new phone. Goodbye to LG4 and other LGs of other kind. I won't buy them anymore. Sorry. It is a big frustration that I could not just brush off easily especially when my personal contacts are all in jeopardy.

Rhobert Figuerres - Antwort

I have had the very same problem — sudden death of my LG G4 and attempts at reviving it are in vain. LG needs to address this. Are they not concerned that their very expensive, top of the line, premium phones are dying and going to heaven? Will never EVER buy another LG product again.

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my screen is just black i can tell that im turning on because it vibrates when i hold the on/off button but the screen remains black. my charger has charge it for awhile and i know its charging it because the red light blinking but the screen will not do any thing any thing i can do to fix this?

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Names Albert Tevs my Bluetooth and Wi-Fi not working or even showing up on the screen. I reset it twice still not working.

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