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ZTE ZMax Pro Troubleshooting

Phone Won't Charge Once Fully Discharged

You cannot get the phone to charge once its battery life has reached a certain level

Charging Cable Needs to be Replaced

The charging cable itself may not be working correctly. Consider purchasing a new cable.

Battery Needs to be Charged Externally

The battery level has become so low that the device will not charge anymore. One way to fix this problem is to charge the device externally by plugging the phone into a computer or other device. Charging the battery through the computer will allow the battery life to reboot, allowing you to use your normal charging cable again.

Battery Needs to be Replaced

The battery life of the device has reached a point that is too low for the device to be recharged. Another way to fix this problem is to replace the battery. After replacing the old battery with a new one, be sure to keep the battery life from getting too low. This way you can avoid having to replace the battery again because of the same problem.

Phone Won't Turn On

You cannot get the phone screen to turn on and display apps

Phone Needs to be Rebooted

No system is perfect and with enough use an issue can occur. Manually restarting the phone restarts all processes and makes sure they run right from the top. Hold the up or down volume button and the power button simultaneously until the phone vibrates or flashes a red light. Then hold the power button until the phone turns on.

Battery Needs to be Replaced

The battery level has reached a point that is too low for the device to be recharged. To fix this, replace the battery. After doing so, be sure to keep your battery life up, so you can avoid having to replace the battery again because of the same problem.

Camera App Doesn't Work

You cannot get the camera to start when you tap the camera icon on your phone.

Phone Software is Out of Date

A bug in the software may be causing a problem with the camera app. Luckily developers are always coming up with software updates to fix reported problems. Hold the power and volume up button for one minute. Then try to update the phone software. Restart your phone again and try to open the camera app.

SD Card is Out of Memory

If there is insufficient memory on the phone an app won’t open to prevent problems with overwriting data. Remove the SD card out of your phone. Insert the SD card into a laptop or another phone and clear space on it. Restart your phone and re-insert the SD card. Then try to open the camera app.

Cache Data is Corrupt

Cache data is used by the camera to make it run more efficiently based on previous usage. Open the settings app on your phone. Navigate to ‘’Clear Cache’’ by finding the following sections:

Application>All>Camera>Clear Cache.

Restart your phone and then try to open the camera app.

Software is Corrupt

Sometimes apps installed on the phone can interact poorly with other apps causing them to malfunction. Software level issues are hard to pinpoint and resetting the phone is the only way to overcome it. Open the settings app on your phone. Navigate to factory reset:

System>Reset Options>Erase All Data(Factory Rest).

After resetting your phone make sure to not to restore from backup. Then try to open the camera app.

BIOS Needs to be Reset

BIOS is used to initialize hardware components on your phone, like the camera, when it starts up. Turn off your phone, remove the battery from the phone and wait for one minute. Reinsert the battery and turn it on. Then try to open the camera app.

Screen Doesn't Respond to Touch

You’re trying to use your phone while the screen is on but it doesn’t change

Software Issue

No system is perfect and with enough use temporary files build up in a system. Performing a soft reset will delete any of the temporary files that could be causing the issue. Hold the power button for about ten seconds. Once the screen turns off, release the power button.

Out of Date Software

Having the latest software update can fix problems with the touch screen if they are software related.

  • Open device diagnostics
  • Select software updates
  • Select device software
  • Select check for update
  • Follow prompts to install software update

Screen Protector or Case Interfering

The thickness of screen protectors or the design of some cases can affect the performance of the touchscreen. Remove the screen protector of the case and test to see if the screen is working. If this did not solve the issue, then remove the other component.

Application Cache Full

Clearing the application cache can free up space and improve device performance. Be sure to only clear application cache and not application data.

  • Open device diagnostics
  • Select power usage
  • Select battery usage
  • Select application
  • Select app info
  • Select clear cache

Faulty Digitizer or Digitizer Connection

Grime and dust can collect on the inside of a device and prevent proper electrical connections. Disassemble the device and remove the logic board. Then soak your logic board in Isopropyl Alcohol of 91% purity or greater for 30-60 minutes. Remove the board and carefully brush the board to clean the connections. Once fully dry, reassembly and test the screen.

Faulty Display Assembly

If the above steps did not fix the problem then there is a problem with the display assembly and it needs to be replaced.

Phone Charges Slowly

You’re charging your phone but it’s taking to longer to charge than normal

USB Port is Obstructed

The USB port on the phone is where the charging cable fits in. There may be dust/oils/other substances that can cause improper contact between the charging cable and USB port. Turn the phone off and try brushing the port with a soft bristled toothbrush.

Power Cord has Loose Contact with Charging Port

Over time, the fit between the power cord and charging port can become loose. This improper contact limits the amount of current that can flow between the wall outlet and phone. Try purchasing a new power cord.

Phone Adapter is Bad

The adapter is the part of the charger that fits into the wall socket. The adapter can get damaged during use. Try purchasing a new adapter.

Battery Life is Low

As the phone goes through many cycles the battery loses its ability to hold charge and begins to lose some functionality. Try replacing the battery.

Charging Port is Broken

The USB charging port on the phone is where the charging cable fits in. This part can get corroded or bent and can hinder charging and poses a risk to the phone. Try replacing the charging port.

The voice won't run on and can't scroll the screen

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