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Reparatur und Unterstützung für den zur PS3 gehörenden Kontroller. Er kam 2008 heraus, besitzt einen Lithium-Ionen Akku und eine Sechsachsensteuerung. Der Kontroller (CECHZC2) ist leicht zu reparieren.

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My Dualshock 3 Controllers mini usb broken and not charging?

My controllers mini usb port has broken and it is not charging ....How do i replace the port ps. i konw how to solder etc and i have an woring port i can replace it with

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I've never replaced the USB on a dual shock before but I have repalced many USB connectors on phones. Shouldn't be any different. Your soldering knowlage should carry you to success.

Before you do any work on it make sure you do your research as well as just looking at how the board and usb are soldered. Disassemble the remote and just take a look at it. Take pictures of the current USB and board for reference. Pre heat the area and make sure you have plenty of flux to keep the heat flowing to the right place.

Good luck on your repair.

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Did you figure out how to do this, because I would like to know how with step by step instructions like you did on the dualshock4 controller.

if you know please email me a pta_red_robin@hotmail.com

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