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Latest vacuum sealer from FoodSaver, released late 2015. Contains an accessory hose, PulseVac button, and multiple settings based on food consistency.

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How do I remove the dip tray?

The dip tray is full. How do I remove it?

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As shown on our troubleshooting page, on the bottom front edge of the machine, pull on the handle to pull out the dip tray. Then, you will see where the liquid is stored. Carefully take out the tray and rinse it. Before putting it back into place, ensure that it is completely dry. Your FoodSaver should now vacuum the air out of a bag.

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How do you take out the tray. It doesn't lift out,


Same here! They must have forgot to put the "gray release buttons "on


Same problem! Anybody find a way to clean the tray?


Same problem!! Can't find any info on the internet

Nov 20, 2023 by tcruz


I had the same problem with my V5860 - then I found 2 levers on the underside of the machine which had to be pressed in while pulling on the tray.

By doing that, the tray slid out.

Good luck!


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