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Die DJI Mavic Pro ist eine kompakte, faltbare Drohne, die Videos in 4K Qualität aufzeichnet. Sie kam im November 2016 auf den Markt. Modellnummer: M1P Modellnummer der Fernbedienung: GL200A

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camera has water inside

hi there,

i was flying sideways and drowned my mavic pro in a tree which fall then in a river (sweet water). Found it again 24 hours later in about 4 meters under water -

everything works fine but it got water inside the camera which is now stuck on the glass in front of the lens and obviously can not disappear by itself. I opend the little screws but did not dare to go further as the parts did not want to get loose. I also see a golden ring near the lens cover which could hold it in place...?

any help?

Thanks anyway!

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Do not charge it! Follow these guides to clean all the parts to help prevent water from corroding it. Do it ASAP!

Read this: Electronics Water Damage

Disassembly: DJI Mavic Pro Teardown

Proper cleaning demonstration: iPhone Wasserschaden reparieren

As for the camera, there is no hope. You'll need to replace it. Use the teardown to replace it and any other non-functioning part. I recommend taking it low and easy the first few flights to make sure everything's working.

Hope this helps!

iPhone Bild


iPhone Wasserschaden reparieren



1 - 2 hours

DJI Mavic Pro Bild


DJI Mavic Pro Teardown



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In that case that the camera can not be opened I try to remove the glass and find something to replace it (because the camera is working fine, it is only a waterdrop behind the glass which is in the view,..), if i kill it i have to excange it anyway...

Thank you!


actually maybe just exchange open the glas, release the moisture and put on a ND filterlens would solve the problem :)


Jeronimo I do not recommend that. You should replace it. 24Hr underwater also penetrated the sensor, which you can not fix. Have you cleaned the drone using the instructions above? This is something you should have done days ago. If you haven't done it yet, then the corrosion has probably already caused irreversible damage.


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