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An all-in-one printer and scanner with duplex print and WiFi connection.

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Where is the ink blotter

Where are the larger absorbent pads?

I have a Canon Pixma Mg3120 ( picked the closest printer I could ). I am getting an error code E08 on my printer. Pressing Black copy lets me print. I would like to remove the ink blotter. I’m confused where the pad is located.

Block Image

I located the hard pads on the ink cartridge resting place. I have pulled them out and cleaned them. I have not put these pads back. I notice what look like drain holes below these pads. I suspect that there are larger blotters in the printer. Where are they? How do I get to them?

Here are some instructions that I found.

Canon printer uses small, spongy pads to absorb ink, while printing the print heads. when these pads are

sopped the printer send a message that"Ink absorber Full". Follow these steps to clean the Ink absober

4. Look balck rubber frame under the ink cartridge

5. pull the rubber frame out of the printer and remove ink absorber pads

How do I clean the ink absorber pads


I did not find any “spongy pads”. Where are they


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Pull the side panel off of the printer where the service station is, and you have access to the major one. However, major disassembly is required to do a full service (otherwise it’ll overflow).

Unless you’re willing to remove the print mech to get both components out for service (and clean the one that runs across the paper path), scrap it and get another one. These things are designed to be disposable, especially cheapos like the MG series. Buy something that’s actually economical to run this time around if you get rid of it.

A good rule for deciding if major work like this is worth it is if it costs you next to nothing new or comes free with a computer, it’s a money pit printer that gets totaled out with one set of ink - the MG series is one of them. They either came free with a computer when such a deal still happens or it was $20-50 at Walmart. I see these things at Goodwill and other thrift stores all the time due to the cost of ink, which is why I hate them as actual printers but take them for scanning. The Canons aren’t as common since they’re pretty forgiving about non-OEM ink (outside of Creative Park which *doesn’t* like disabled monitoring since that’s how Canon knows), but the cheap printer/high cost ink with one set models are all basically disposable. If the thing came with a computer and it was free (either with a store credit or sending the UPC to the manufacturer via rebate) it’s pretty common to see a NIB example that’s about as good (or better) dumped at a thrift store because we all know how much the ink costs; if the UPC is gone it was dumped when they got the rebate money.

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