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Guides and repair information for external storage devices made by Synology.

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Ethernet repair ideas for an old DS213j?

The 1GB ethernet port quit working after a close lightning strike. The unit still operates using the ethernet port at the 100 Mbps rate, though. Everything else in the DS213j seems fine, other than that ethernet port. Any ideas on what might have died and, more importantly, could I find and fix whatever stopped working? Trying to use the NAS at 10% of its previous connection speed is an exercise in frustration! Thanks.

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Hi @ted6641,

Post some close up images of the board where the Ethernet port is situated.

Seems as though the controller for the port is OK as it is working, but perhaps other components around it and connected with it, may have been affected by the power surge causing the controller not to respond to the higher data rate.

Here's how to do this on ifixit Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen


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Hi @ted6641

had you tried using a different LAN cable and try direct connection to your computer? NAS >>> PC

is the speed still 100Mbps?

Try with another PC too.

Normally, for this case, I will try to backup important data, Connect to a external drive to the NAS USB port, login to DSM and perform file copy.

Check volume and hard disk health.

If still on 100Mbps,

you will need to inspect the board for any component or circuit trace burn / vaporized.

you need the right tools and equipment for component repair, some will suggest replacing the ethernet chip first.

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