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The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T500 camera is part of the T series of models in the Sony Cyber-Shot family. The T series in general is a very large collection of cameras. They are all designed to be slim and include touch screens. The DSC-T500 along with the DSC-T300 were the first to boast 10.1 megapixels. They are nearly identical as they each have a 3.5 inch screen and a 5x optical zoom. The DSC-T500 is able to record 720p HD movies which its similar model, the T300 does not. Due to the fact that this model is very similar to other T series Cyber-shot models, the easiest way to single it out is to locate the model number which can be found on the top of the camera, down and to the left of the power button.


10.1 MP

Memory Stick Pro Duo

Lithium Ion

35-mm Equivalent (Wide): 33 mm

35-mm Equivalent (Telephoto): 165 mm

5 x

LCD size: 3.5 inches

LCD dots: 230000


2.41 seconds

3.41 seconds


Lines Per Picture Height 1945

Boot time 2.41

Recycle time 3.41

1. Sony Support Page

2.Cyber-shot Handbook

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