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Beard Trimmer Won't Turn On ¶ 

No matter what you do, you can't get the trimmer to turn on.

Drained Battery ¶ 

If your trimmer won't turn on, you may simply have a drained battery. Plug your trimmer in; the device should be fully charged in 10 hours according to the user manual.

Charger is Faulty ¶ 

Try charging a similar device with the same charging cord you used with the trimmer to verify that it functions properly. If the cord cannot charge your other device, it is most likely faulty and a new one should be purchased.

Battery is Faulty ¶ 

If the trimmer does not show any sign of life after a 10 hour charge, it is most likely that the battery itself needs to be replaced. Refer to the Battery Replacement Guide

Power Switch Failure ¶ 

If the trimmer does not respond to the on/off switch, then the power switch itself may need to be replaced. See this guide to replace the power switch.

Blades Are Not Moving ¶ 

Even with the power on, the blades appear to be stuck.

Residue Build Up ¶ 

There could be too much hair/dirt between the blades or the blade may have become worn out over time. Check out the Blade Replacement Guide so you can clean or replace the blades.

Dirty Clogged Handle ¶ 

The handle of the trimmer my have too much residue built up inside it, causing the motor to jam. You're going to want to see our guide so you can replace the handle.

Beard Comb Doesn't Move ¶ 

The comb doesn't respond to the zoom lock adjustment ring

Jammed Zoom Lock Ring ¶ 

The Zoom Lock Precision Notch inside the wheel may be chipped or damaged and may need replacement. See this guide to replace the Zoom Lock Precision Notch.

Chipped or Damaged Comb ¶ 

If the comb itself does not stay in place or lock in properly, than it may be chipped or damaged and a new one must be purchased.

the connector between the motor and the blade keeps coming often

suhas selvamani - Antwort

Same here. The connector that revolves between the blade and the motor keeps coming out. Occasionally I twist it a bit and it stays in place for a while, but it always comes out again.

gpenna597 - Antwort

Same problem, the connector keeps coming out and failing!

Carlos Manuel Ramirez - Antwort

All the comments mention the rotating connector problem. I almost smashed the %#*@ thing to pieces early this morning. Arrrgghh

Gaurav - Antwort

Same here. Without the blades the motor works fine, when I put the blade on, it only works for about 1 second. Any ideas?

Caio Carvalho - Antwort

put a small kink with a pliers on the rotor .worked for me

Dr Nobody -

Same here.

+And initially (after a month and a half) had to open the unit and re-solder the wires.

+The door broke but little 30sec. plastic glue gel helps (periodically).

Great idea and terrible terrible terrible execution

Angel - Antwort

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