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Dieses Video zeigt dir, wie du das defekte LCD Display von deinem Oneplus 3 ersetzen kannst. Die in dem Video gezeigte OnePlus 3 Version ist das A3000. Bitte überprüfe dein Modell, bevor du Ersatzteile kaufst!

Bei den folgenden Problemen solltest du den Bildschirm deines OnePlus 3 austauschen:

Das Touchdisplay ist kaputt, gesplittert oder reagiert nicht mehr;

Das Display ist komplett schwarz, oder zeigt fehlerhafte bunte Bereiche;

Manche Bereiche werden die ganze Zeit auf dem LCD Display farbig angezeigt;

Es ist ein gelber, oranger oder schwarzer Punkt in dem Bereich den Touchscreens;

Das Touchdisplay ist nicht empfindlich genug, um dein Gerät zu entsperren.

Achtung: Es ist schwierig und kompliziert, den LCD Screen von dem hinteren Gehäuse des OnePlus 3 zu separieren. Bitte sei vorsichtig!



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Yeah I've done one of these and am literally about to do the 2nd one. Easy as you like :D

Be sure to purchase the LCD with frame as it's much quicker.

drunkenmenace - Antwort


May I kindly ask, both oneplus 3 and oneplus 3T are the same screen? I'm about to buy a screen with frame and digitizer, and all sellers name their products "oneplus 3/3T LCD screen".

Noémi Dupertuis -

It is sure that Oneplus 3 lcd screen is compatible with Oneplus 3T.

Witrigs -

if the touch still works and it is only the screen to be cracked is there another procedure to follow? Do I need to replace the whole LCD?

Paolo Di Lorenzo - Antwort

Yes, because it is really difficult to replace front glass screen only, I prefer you take the whole screen with lcd + front glass+ middle frame.

Witrigs -

I have bought the LCD with Frame assembly ....how do I install the two capacitive buttons from the original damaged phone into it?

carlos - Antwort

I did this repair on my phone, but is cracked the screen on the last step... first pop in the top of the phone and than the bottom into the aluminum back!!! And when doing the teardown remove the sim tray first!

Marcell Harmaci - Antwort

I made this mistake as well, everything else worked fine though.

Gabriel LaMore -

Be careful during this replacement, because it’s easy to break the earpiece speaker when moving it from the broken screen to the new piece.

Benjamin Hollway - Antwort

I second this! It’s so easy to break the earpiece speaker because the it’s made of two pieces that easily separate when, say, your tweezer only picks up the top portion and the bottom held on to the adhesive.

Franklin Ramos -

the touch still works and it is only the LCD cracked is there another procedure to follow? Do I need to replace the whole LCD? And Rainbow pattern or color-blocks shows on some areas of LCD screen..

Airyn Ayryn - Antwort

So, I have done it and everything seemed to be fine until I switched off the screen. Although the hardware buttons work, the screen is totally unresponsive. I men the screen works during start up and the entire phone works fine, but when the screen goes black it won't respond.

The only thing I did wrong: I put in the cable that was labeled “sub” and “main” in the wrong way. Could that be the problem? Anyone an idea what I can do?

lordchristoph - Antwort

Same here. In my case I had to switch off all gestures and then the replacement screen worked normally. Works OK with my original screen though. Not sure why is this happening, maybe because of low quality ebay crap. But the seller agreed with the return and refund.

lubos -

So what, I need to buy a new battery as well, just to change the screen? I'm so poor

Tara Satana - Antwort

Hi Tara,

Unfortunately, with how the OnePlus 3 is designed, you should change the battery also. The lithium-ion battery is easily damaged from any bending occurred when it’s pried out. Replacing it will prevent a lot of future problems.

Arthur Shi -

Will not using adhesive when putting in a new battery be a problem. There is adhesive on my new assembly but I’d like to be able to easely replace my battery in the future. There is adhesive on the new frame with a protective layer you are supposed to peel off, is it ok if you leave that there? Won’t this cause thermal problems? Also, what is the point of removing the battery from the original phone. If you need to get a new battery anyway this shouldn’t be needed right? I mean, isn’t it a little bit stupid to bend a battery if you don’t need to, it is always nice to try to prevent battery fires wherever possible right?

TT-392 - Antwort

Hi TT-392,

You are right in that you do not need to remove the battery from the original phone. Removing the battery makes removing the flex cable near the top of the battery easier, but it can be done with the battery in place.

The battery should be held down by at least some adhesive in the phone. The plastic will not cause overheating issues, but you do not want the battery to move in the phone. You can choose to expose some of the battery adhesive so that it will be an easier task to replace it in the future.

Arthur Shi -

So I managed to replace my screen and came across a few things that might help others. I wasn’t able to open the screen from the bottom so I tried the side. In the process of doing this I pulled the screen from the display and broke parts of it. This wasn’t a problem because I was replacing the display+frame. After a few times of opening and closing the phone I have realized that it is a lot easyer to open the phone by pushing the screen out from inside of the sim slot. This could probably damage the sim slot but that is a lot less likely than breaking the screen, at least if you are unexperienced. A friend of mine did damage the back cover by doing this with a metal screwdriver so I would advise a plastic spudger. Also, my buttons ended up acting funny because I replaced the tape with electrical tape, It worked fine after I salvaged some of the old tape. Maybe something other than electrical tape is better.

TT-392 - Antwort

I achieved to replace my OnePlus 3 Screen thanks to this tutorial. Thanks !

Côme M - Antwort

my glass is a little cracked but display touch is half working and half black. can it be fixed?

sartaj jr - Antwort

Hi Sartaj,

If you replace the screen and digitizer, that should solve the problem.

Arthur Shi -

Yes, unfortunately you cannot just remove the screen by itself for the OnePlus 3. You have to disconnect things from the back before attempting that. It looks like the capacitative button connector wasn’t disconnected (step 17), and tore. However, if your replacement part came with the capacitative button connector, you’re fine!

This guide is made for screen and frame replacements. It should not be used for screen-only replacement. I will edit the introduction to emphasize that.

Arthur Shi -

This guide worked well for my OnePlus3T. I even used a OnePlus3 screen (or possible a generic) instead of a 3T screen (You can tell because the top corners are rounded and not square. There were only two issues during the process, the first being that when reinstalling the fingerprint sensor I had to put multiple layers of tape between it and the cover for the sensor to be flush with the new screen, and the second being that when reinstalling the motherboard I bent in the clip (which is located at the top of the frame) because I wasn’t sure where it was/how it worked. I’d recommend highlighting the clip in the guide. Otherwise fairly pain free, took a while but nothing was crazy fragile or difficult.

Mathboy 19 - Antwort

I’m glad it worked out for you! Thanks for the suggestions—I’ll edit the steps to incorporate your suggestions.

Arthur Shi -

I dropped my phone - nothing is cracked or torn from the outside, but the display slowly progressed to be blue. Touch is still working, but sort of the “blue liquid” has slowly progressed from a few drops to now a lake.

I am confused by some comments, so I hope someone can help me with my questions:

1. For this issue, do I need to change the whole display + frame?

2. Do I need to exchange the battery for this issue? I read it is easier in some cases, but not sure about this case?

The costs are a big issue for me (honestly a little shocked that only the screen is already 120€ here? I have access to all the ifixit tools and that is more than my phone had cost and my budget is 50€. Wondering if better to be without a phone for a few month and buy another second hand A3003 instead?

nerdia - Antwort

Hi nerdia,

You don’t need to change the frame. You can choose to change the display itself, but the process is even more involved than this, and adds the risk of damaging the capacitative sensors next to the fingerprint sensor.

We highly recommend you to replace the battery when replacing the screen. You have to take the battery out regardless whether you replace the frame or not, and there is considerable chance the battery is damaged in the process.

As for the decision, that is up to you! The repair is pretty involved, and the OLED panel drives the part price up. This is also a great hands-on learning experience.

Arthur Shi -

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